Wednesday, March 3, 2010

leche flan: my second attempt

How's your day folks? Just a very short update. I just finished cooking my second attempt of leche flan and was so disappointed with the result. My first attempt was almost perfect with only bits of sugar in my syrup, but now it's a flop. haha. It's not the sugar to my syrup this time but super duper sweetness because I miscalculated the sugar that I added. Nobody wants to eat it. I'll share the photo later or better keep that photo for myself. I'm frustrated but there's always next time. Who knows, the third might be a success. Happy mid-week!

Just sharing another hour of my not so tiring day. I'll visit you guys later. Thanks for dropping by.


Carmen Araneta said...

hey, I'll feature leche flan in my blog for you under Food and Health. Will post 2 recipes for you: one with mostly egg yolks and the other with combination whites and yolks.

nuts said...

that's so sweet.. i'll visit your blog right now.. thanks so much!!

chubskulit said...

Hay naku ako di nagpiprepare ng leche, do you know who does? Its my husband hahaha.. And he can make it perfectly!

nice A said...

di ko pa rin alam gawa leche flan. kaya mas prefer ko gawin mango float kc medyo na-expert na ako nyan kakagawa.have my post about it hehehe! pero try ko pa rin gawa ng leche flan pag uwi ko pinas:) ganyan tlga pag nag-aaral tayo ng luto. panuorin mo movie na Julie/ Julia Child Project galing ng movie na to. Or baka napanuod mo na. blogger din si Julie Powell and this is a true to life story. learning how to cook is developing patience - one of the virtues we learn from this movie.
have a great day, nuts!