Thursday, March 4, 2010

Girls TAlk

This is funny.  Do I really have to buy tape measure  for  this entry?  And why should  I not  miss this week's theme?   This is once in a lifetime chance to join and be proud of  your own  voluptuous,  fab,  fat  body. 

Hello Philippines!  I am 39 years old.  I stand 5' and  half,  weighs 120lbs. Vital Stats:  38-29-38 and  I'm not really sure of that. (That's  my estimate  more  or less.)  I believe that the true essence of a woman is being a mother. The origin of a child is a mother,  a woman.  I,  thank  you.  (bow, ala sushmita sen)

Again, I'm still on a diet and my  fearless  dream before the end of  the March will be 110 lbs,  36-26-36.  I hope  that girlstalker would not get envy  with my dream. lol.    Do we have any Bloggers  meet up or any summer event?   Please tell me in advance,  a  month before the date so I  have enough time to prepare  for  that weight.  haha.

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Have a Happy GirlsTalkers week!


Sherry said...

my waist was 28 then increase.. after know my dear..

I did

Sherry said...

I got the measurement and weight scale with me. hehe.. can borrow you but you are too far :)

just kidding ;)

niko said...

hahah sushmitasen pinatawa mo ko ng sobra sa entry mo!!!!

and sexy mo ha... as in 38 29 38?? waaaaaah sobra!!!!!

ge desire ko rin yang 36-26-36 eh..sabay tayo hahahahhah

thanks for joining GT ha.. see u next weeek.. naexcite ako sa show some flesh post mo!@

ingat lagi!@

K said...

waaahh!! enge boobs. hahaha! ayan excited na din ako next week na entry mo. hihi.

K said...

naku e wala namang pangbelo. pano na rin yun? hahaha!

kha said...

dami dami everything... :D

chubskulit said...

Pang miss universe ang entry mo sis hehehe..

Rossel said...

waaah! bakit ganyan kalaki hinaharap nyo...bakit ako hindi. natutulog siguro ako noong nagsabog si Lord nyan, lol!

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LingLing said...

"I believe that the true essence of a woman is being a mother."

Yes indeed! I could not agree more! :)) Thank you for sharing your stats with all the other GT ladies ;)

Have a nice weekend! <3

Anonymous said...

wow sexy ang mga mommies ah bahaginan mo nmn kami nyan B mo lol ala kami nyan kaya daanin nalang sa padding