Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Stand up calm at the storm!

Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the
dickens underneath.
-Michael Caine

My entry for Watery Wednesday
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officially frustrated

It's a little bit funny that I have to post this. My first attempt to cook the smoothest leche flan by which I got the recipe from Dishes by Pehpot blogs was successful. It was my very first attempt and t'was yummy, only bits of sugar that I didn't caramelized.

And this is the first leche flan that I made. Almost Perfect, so yummy...

And then I tried about three to four times again to make it smoothest and caramelized the sugar, but the more I try, the more my leche flan become bitter to their tounge. Children reacted that it was like puto while husband said it was like a planet with many holes in it.. :( How frustrating. Even one blogger friend posted her new recipe for me using milkmaid. I tried it and look at the result, even drier than before. And I had to blame myself for this, it was my way of cooking..

You wouldn't want to taste a bit of this, would you? I know syrup is missing here but I can make it sweeter next time. Sister told me to keep the fire low as soon as the water at the steamer starts to boil. Darn! I'm frustrated! whats wrong with my cooking method, helpppppp!!!. :(

I'll Bet

Husband is a fan of horse racing. During his vacation in Manila, he often visits race track with some friends and enjoy the whole day in the field. He loves horse racing so much and finds the game a form of relaxing. When he arrived in US, he visited race track at once and has become a regular visitor since then. I'd say his love for betting couldn't take away from him anymore. It's his source of entertaining himself while away from family, betting in different games such as boxing and basketball.

During the fight of famous Pinoy Boxer, he was able to watch it live only at pay-per-view. He was happy that he's updated with the news with
sports betting. The last boxing fight where he timed his vacation for the big event was two weeks ago and said that the betting is quite more fun here.

There's a website that even during his vacation, he was able to get some tips and tricks on betting sports. He's still updated with the betting news and that he learned about the best sports betting book through the site. Husband is wise enough that he carefully chose the ultimate sports betting guide. Surely, he will never get wrong with the site. I am not really fortunate when it comes to sports betting and that's why I seldom try my luck there. Probably with this site, I'll try mine too. And why not? Who knows, I might win this time.

Monday, March 29, 2010

summer with magic

My younger daughter can't leave Magic alone in the house
so we tagged him along
last weekend at the beach.

It is sweeter to spend weekend with family.
but weekend is happier with Magic around.

Summer Workout

So it is officially summer and some were already on their vacation mode. Some work out for the summer to have sexier look with their skimpy bikini or fab summer dress. I had been on a month diet, I worked out but I gained weight even more. I had my slimming tea after every meal but I've noticed that nothing seems to work with it. Still, this flabby tummy is a pain to me. Going to cosmetic surgeon for tummy tuck to get rid of this unwanted fat is one option but I'm still undecided right now.

I envy those people whom after a rigid diet were able to have a slim look. After giving birth to my two kids, the fats remained in my body and I have a hard time to reduce. I'm not in my extra large size but I 'm working very hard to keep myself slimmer. I hate seeing myself in the mirror with those flabby tummy as I love to wear my sexy jeans and shirt. Everyday workout is one option that I look forward this month. I know that more women out there share the same sentiments with me. I still have few more days till I finally post how my diet went out. A firmer body is easily obtained with cosmetic surgeon but I will stick to my everyday workout first right now.

MYM: Summer Sunset at MOA

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yummy Sunday

Halo Halo (halo which means mix) is a common dessert for Filipinos during summer. It is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk with various sweets like banana, macapuno, ube, gulaman, leche flan and ice cream as toppings. Other popular fruits you may add can be melon, jackfruit, coconut sport (macapuno), sugar palm fruit (kaong) tapioca or sago, nata de coco, sweet potato and other fruits like kiwifruit and cherries. Philippines is a tropical country and so Halo Halo is popular during summer. Summer means fun and this Halo Halo Fiesta from Chowking is my favorite during summer to cool me down.
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off from blogging this week.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Girl and Celebrity Jeans

Girls love shopping. My teenage girl ( not officially teenager since she is only eleven and acts like one) loves browsing page of Miley Cyrus and idolizes her very much. Not only her voice that she loves but the way Miley carries herself. At her age, I am not really surprise how her body changed since she stands one and few inches taller than me. She actually looks older than her age.

When we went malling last week, her eyes popped-out to celebrity fashion and wanted to buy everything, summer glasses, capri pants and sexy dresses. She asked her dad to buy her summer outfit but nothing seems to fit her. We were like walking few hours already and was tired for the perfect outfit but came home empty handed.

She isn't really satisfied with what she wears that every time there is new fashion, she would always want to buy one for herself. And now she is looking for celebrity jeans and begging her dad to purchase one online. My girl is just so smart that she said, she deserves it since she got a higher grades this semester. And how could we say no to this girl? She's not really trendy but that's teenager's life I guess. For as long as she is not wearing body revealing attire would be fine for me.

MM: Summer

mommy moments

Summer brings so much fun for us. It is the time where we can go out and enjoy the heat of the sun with the family. What I love most about summer is listening to the sound of ocean waves and summer sunset.

Husband seldom spend summertime at home since he works abroad and comes home only once and usually during Christmas season. This picture has been posted in my previous entry for GT and was taken two years ago while he was on vacation.

My little girl can't wait til we go home and spend summer again at the beach.

or play at the park.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank You for the Awards

Awards are precious to me. When I started blogging, I always wish to receive an award and until now, I always wish for more awards to pour in my blog. It's a blessings for me. To the following bloggers who tagged me, thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

They are wonderful bloggers and worth your time to visit. Please drop by and discover their witty post!

Now to complete the post, I have to list down seven things about me.
1. I am SAHM and author of new blog Please make me happy, be my regular visitor, follow me and help me build traffic. I badly needed traffic there. :D
2. I am a frustrated cook. (see my next post)
3. I sleep very late, wake up early and sleep again till noon.
4. I only have one pet at home now, a shih-tzu we dearly love.
(will finish this post tomorrow, am too sleepy right now.. :(, nyt..

GT: I'd rather hide

Oh no, do I have to post this pic? Obviously, my priority in life next to my kids is simply blogging. (hubby, sorry, you're next to blogging.. peace!) I was blogging in this photo without brushing my hair. I wish my hair as smooth as rebonded hair of Kim Chiu. But then I like my hair the way it is now, uncombed, untouched! (lol) See my eyebags, dark circle around my zombie eyes. I really had to dig my photo archive for this week theme, picture I'd rather hide. So for now, here is my entry. I don't want to miss any entry for GT and so I"ll go for whatever Niko asked me too, unless it's rated PG.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Safety Girl

As a mother, safety of my children has always been my concern. I am a hands on mom and it is my job to keep my children safe at all times. I always make sure they arrive at school safe and come home safe too. But the reality is that, we can't be with our children 24/7 so it is really important to provide them necessary equipment to make them safe while doing their outside activities.

Being overly protective with my children's safety, I looked for the website that offers pepper spray and I was not disappointed when I discovered the product that gives me the feeling of security. I couldn't think any other safety girl equipment other than this and I was lucky that even mace is available in the website.

While reading newspaper and online news, I can't help but be frightened for crime rate rising everyday. Attacking girls and taking cellphones by force and other valuables are common incidents and I couldn't imagine this to happen to any of my family member. We all need to be alert and be safe from any harm roaming around the city. I'd say bear spray is a big help too for all girls or women to keep them secured and safe at all times. If you’re up to protection and safety, please check out the website now and see more of the varieties they offer.

MYM: summer sunset reflection

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yummy Sunday

refresh yourself this summer

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

my daughter's fascination

Orchestra has been a fascination of my daughter even in her toddler years. Everytime she sees someone playing the violin, she always ask me if she could play the instrument too. This summer learning to play a guitar is still in her schedule as she earlier planned. The photo below was taken today when we passed by in activity area in SM City. My daughter asked me please stop by and listen to the the orchestra. She appreciates and loves music so much.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girls Talk

I am enjoying the limelight for Girls Talk this month. It's all about myself.. Sexiest part? My hair is now dull, in fact I have scheduled hair treatment tomorrow. (and who cares?) See my profile. lol. I can't see any sexy part of my body but my soulful eyes, do you agree? LOL..

Please say yes because MJ agreed too..
you sexy thing here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

weekdays, weekends

weekdays are just so long,
and weekends go by so fast..

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Award For Me

Wonderful Blogger Hazel of Delineating Des tagged me these awards. Awards are precious to me. Thanks so much Hazel, so sweet of you, I do appreciate it.

TCP: Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride is a 1999 romantic comedy film starring Julia Roberts (as Maggie Carpenter) and Richard Gere (as Ike Graham.)

Maggie is a young attractive woman who has had numerous unsuccessful relationships and was tagged as Runaway Bride leaving three men waiting for her in the church.

When Ike Graham wrote one article about Maggie, he was fired out because one of Maggies' exes provided him wrong facts out of revenge. Ike did not verify the source so to get back his job, he wrote an in-depth article about Maggie following her to Maryland. Maggie was then on her fourth attempt to become married again. Her groom to be is Bob (played by Christopher Meloni) Imagine how funny it was during the wedding rehearsal when Ike took Bob's place and practice "kiss" for the wedding. The story ends not as runaway bride for Maggie but as a happy bride in a private ceremony.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cheapest Eyeglasses

Here is the website where you can find the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses. With, you can find the cheapest eyeglasses with high quality stylish frame. Would you believe that a full prescription eyeglasses starts only at $8. And what's more surprising here, they charge a shipping cost for only $4.95 even if you place a bulk order for your family.

You can find the above eyeglasses at The #1 online Rx glasses store and there's more available color and style at website. They sell their own manufactured eyeglasses and that makes their eyeglasses cheaper by selling their own brand. You may check Eric's Review of Zenni Optical for more details about the best prescription eyeglasses.

MYM: Saturday Shooting

My daughter's classmate after video shooting for their class project.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Won in a Unanimous Decision

And so the world's best boxer won again. Congratulations Manny Pacquiao for
bringing pride to the Philippines once again.

More of the story here.

yummy sunday : with pickled papaya (achara )

Our complete meal.. Achara ( pickled papaya) makes it complete.

my bitter melon, (ginisang amplaya,) but this time I put more beaten eggs to make it more palatable.

My chicken marinated overnight. I fried with only the best vegetable oil. Voila! Crispy, Yummy Chicken with my own gravy sauce.

and now the star of the meal, my appetizer..

my favorite achara.. I'll post next week on YS how to prepare/cook achara.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hermit Crab Lovers

This is absolutely extra ordinary for me. Have you heard above buying hermit crabs online? Well there is available online for Hermit Crab Lovers. Our family are pet lovers. We have different pets at home like fish, dog and birds. For us, having pets at home adds extra happiness. We treat our pets as family member too. Today, I was a little surprise to see that hermit crabs can be bought online. And there's more aside from buying online, there's a guide about hermit and how to take care of them.

My daughters were excited when I told them that we can Buy Hermit Crabs Online. Hermit Crab Care 101 are also available and so it won't be hard for us to start having hermit crab for pet. We're going out today to check the aquarium. We have an old one but I think we need to buy one for our hermit crab too.

Encourage your children to love and take care of your pet. Let them know how to be a responsible pet owner even at their young age. Having any kinds of pet brings joy in our home.

Fire Ant Guide

hSome insects are threat to our lives like termites. Just like fire ants, we all need a guide to avoid and stop them to become a colony of ants with more than millions nesting near our house.

My two daughters are very sensitive to any kinds of insects. My younger daughter skin, once bitten by mosquito, will turn mosquito bites into red. I remember when I was a little kid, I used to play in the ground and oftentimes dig the soil where ants hide. I was not aware of the bad effect to my health during that time.

It is very important for us to know about fire ants. They are harmful to our health and can even cause allergies to our body. My older daughter is very sensitive to any kind of insects. Whenever we go on vacation in our province, I see to it that all her anti allergies are present in our list. I am aware that insects like fire ants can irritate her or even with a more severe reaction like swelling of skin. As a mother, I see to it that our house are fire ants or insect proof. Prevention is better that cure. A house safe from any insects mean a healthy home for our kids.

what I've been doing lately

I've been busy lately with all my new recipe. Two days ago, I cooked again our dessert for the month, my 3rd attempt for leche flan. My children love it, only hubby was not pleased with the taste and I don't know if he has high standards with sweets. Anyways, i knew where I went wrong, it was in my way of cooking the syrup.

Here is my new found recipe.. will continue my post later..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Online Translation with Translia

Everything online is now made easy. Would you hire a professional multilingual to translate business for you? There is only one online translation ready to serve you anytime of the day. The solution is now in just one click. I hardly believe about this until I found the solution myself with Translia, the best translator network that has maintained a high quality in translation.

Here's how it works with Translia where client and translator meet here under one goal. If you are a client, satisfaction is their guarantee with unlimited words. So if you have a business abroad, hiring bilingual or multilingual is not an option anymore since they hired only fluent translators and screened them well so you'll be assured of excellent translation.

All you need to do is simply open the website and register. See how easy it is. There are other lots of things that Translia offer. Head over now to site and see more of the benefits with Translia. I, myself would definitely choose only one translating network. Pay less for an excellent translating job. It only take one click to translate. I am thankful that definitely a productive day is waiting for me for life's stress-free with Translia.

Girls Talk

Here's my entry for this week's theme.

These are the only photos that I think I've bared my body and soul all.. lol. and I think my first to publish my photos in my blog, and this is for GT.
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