Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tuesday couch potatoes

For the Love of Family is our theme for the week. It feels good to watch this kind of movie. I can only think one movie right now for this theme. Everybody's Fine. The story is about a widower named Frank Goode. He tried to keep his family bonded since he lose his wife and he needs to maintain his relationship with his four adult children. Just to make sure that all his children were in good situation, he traveled around the country to check each one of them. Being a father he knew what his children are hiding from him. Wait I have to cut my story here. Please watch the full movie yourself. I just had to share that parents have intuition, however far or near to their children, they know what they're exactly doing. Starring Robert de Niro, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell and Lucien Maisel.

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Mys said...

Wow. 2 persons chose this movie. This must be really good.

wenn said...

sounds interesting!

Liz said...

I need to see this movie, parang di ko yata to nakikita sa Netflix ah..

Mama Ko said...

Now, Im convince its a good movie dalawa ang pumili hehehe. thanks for the review nuts.

jo.attalife said...

Wish I could have seen this!!! The cast is good, the plot is interesting. Thanks for bringing this to up!
Please see mine here.

ACmomCee said...

We'll see if we can find this movie today.. seems so nice.. two couchers featured this movie na..

Here's mine..
Pinoy Movie naman.. hehe..

kikamz said...

hi mommy nuts! naku, so sorry i haven't dropped by lately. di pa pala ako nakacomment here too.

this looks like a very interesting movie. my list is getting longer na. lol!

thanks for joining us ha? on March 9 pala, our theme for TCP is movies that disappointed you. hope you can join in the fun next time. take care! hugs!