Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Online Tutorial with Tutor Vista

As a SAHM, I always make sure that my kids are getting the best education for their future. So whenever they get a low grade in Math, I felt very disappointed being a fulltime mom, but not until I've learned about this Tutor Vista.

Last grading quarter of this year, the school held a parent-teacher conference and discussed about weak and strong points of their students. I got a chance to ask about how my daughter's doing in Algebra. Despite all her hardships, she still got a very dissatisfying grades. She finds it very difficult that she asked for homework help to break it down for her.

Now that we have this online tutorial, there is nothing much to worry about, since the service is 24/7 available. My daughter can simply sit down in front of her pc with personalized tutorial especially when she needs to solve Math problems.

Aside from simple Mathematics equation, they also help solving fractions. I honestly admit, I have a hard time tutoring my children when it comes to Math and it is now a big help for me to simplify
Math problems with online tutorial which is now available right inside the house. It is no longer a burden to me solving equation in easy way. With online tutorial, one can decide whether he/she wants it slower or faster since the choice is in one's hand. Understanding math becomes easier now, in fact she's doing great in the class. A monthly fee of $99.99 from TutorVista is just worth for unlimited monthly tutoring package plus the student can use the service anytime they want it.

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wenn said...

ya, it's so mush convenient too! Btw, I hv an award for you!