Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NC Apartment

One thing that husband looked for when he first came to LA was to secure a high paying job. He told me that he needed that to save for our future. But now that he's working in a drug manufacturing company, there are still many offers coming in along his way but he never grabbed any opportunity because of the location of the job. He thinks that if he grab the chance, he will need to move from the house and rent a condo or townhomes near to that place. He prefers to live in townhomes or condo while my ideal place to live is countryside.

Now that he's being offered for a better job, he told me that if he finally decide in the future, he will just look for a Wilmington NC apartments because it is very far from his home base in LA. He's very particular with details like if it is a fully furnished house. So I advised him to look for the best apartment should he decide to grab the opportunity being offered to him. Working eight hours in his job needs a home he can feel relaxed at the end of the hard working day. It's already a reward for him to just be home relaxing, whether an apartment, a townhouse or a condo.

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