Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentines Date for 2010

Our house is near  drop off  points of flowers in  Manila,  known as Dangwa or  "Bulaklakan ng Maynila, so most  likely   sure,  that day will bring  heavy traffic in our area.    I have no date for  valentines day since my husband is not around but that day will still be special for me and my daughters. I thought about going out with my kids on that day but thinking about the traffic brought me the idea to  just stay in the house and cook dish for them.  My daughters suggest to just order pizza for delivery.   My husband will arrive before February ends so that's still month of love,  we can still make it and have special date together.  He said he's craving for Joel Torre's  Bacolod chicken inasal  and asked me to check the nearest chicken inasal in town.  The nearest is in  Timog  so  we might stop by there and have food trip in the famous spot  in town.

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For all  Girls Talkers, enjoy  the day! Happy Valentine's Day!


r u s s said...

OMG. Yes, I've seen how bad traffic can be in Dangwa. I went with a friend one Valentine's Day to buy flowers for a girl he's courting at that time.
Hey, if it's Chicken Inasal, JT's is still the best. I heard they have a branch in Makati already. You might want to check on that. Don't settle for anything less. Hehe.
Got my Girls Talk entry here ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

Eds said...

happy valentine nuts! korek pwede pa naman kayo magcelebrate ng valentine pagdating ng husband mo.

kikamz said...

sadness at your hubby can't be there on the 14th mommy. pero since feb pa naman pagdating ni hubby, go on a date! i am sure he is looking forward to seeing you again.. hugsy!

Mommy Liz said...

Naku, kung traffic nga, eh wag na kau lalabas, dyan na lang a bahay. Kaya nga di rin ako ilalabas ni hubby sa mismong V day at ayaw na ayaw nun sa maraming tao. Nakakainis lang kapag pinilit ko, baka di pa ako masrapan sa food, sayang naman. We will spend it with the kids na lang dito sa house. then nood ng movie, hay...

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