Sunday, February 14, 2010

My TV Option

I had been searching for Direct TV for a long time and how fortunate that I found Direct TV finally at Husband asked me to look for it because he doesn't want to miss any of the sports event. Now he's enjoying NBA TV when he's off from work. He's also a fan of boxing and he surely will enjoy fight of Manny Pacquiao as he can order pay per view too. There's a Direct TV CA that he can rely on, watching sports during his free time or anytime after his work. He's a big fan of NBA. Husband can't live without TV. TV is part of his life. He's coming home next week and was asking me if the TV in our room is working.

There are more than hundreds of channels from sports, movies that he's enjoying just like his uncle who has Direct TV TX. His uncle was bragging about how he enjoyed all the benefits of having a direct TV too. Besides, he finds it very easy to install unlike cable installation.
Sundays now are not boring days anymore for them. They enjoy sports, not just limited to 4 channels only but more channels of sports pack, local news, and other channels in high density.

How about you, are you a subscriber of any television provider? How do you find your TV provider? I can't live without TV just like my children who also love TV so much. TV is our great bonding time, so is Direct TV.

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