Friday, February 5, 2010

Lightings For My Dream House

I was invited last week by my best friend for their house warming. I noticed that her house was fully lighted with different lightings. One chandelier I have sighted has a touch of Spanish design. I was happy for her that she was able to purchase what she really wanted for the house. She has been telling me about it long before they transferred to her dream house. It has five uplights and when you switch it on, the living room looks very elegant with it. One of her priorities when she moved was, to check first the Premier Lighting to decorate the house. She even hired one interior designer just to make sure that her house will have good ambiance, classic yet elegant.

When I got home, I checked the website and look for this lightings. I was glad to see different chandeliers and was fascinated by different styles and features. When I saw my friends lightings I thought I would buy one like hers but then seeing other selections made me choose one that I really wanted since there are wide of varieties too. I honestly became fickle minded that moment but then how funny that I was dreaming to have a chandelier when my dream house still very far from reality. Well, not so funny I guess, but at least for now, I know where to run too when I needed one like those lightings in the house.

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wenn said...

that would be lovely! Btw,i hv an award for you.