Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kid Friendly Garden

It has always been my dream to have a garden of my own in my house but it is really impossible for me since we're only renting a house. When we moved here in our new apartment, I planted some flowery plants, most are indoor plant that needs no sunlight. But then after a month or so, all my plants died. They say that plants really need sunlight even if it is an indoor plant. So when we went to our province last summer, I started gardening of my own and planted bermuda grass and some flower seed. The house looks colorful with plants and balance the beauty of surroundings. I knew that my kids can play around safely when bermuda grass grows in few days time.

Gardening has been my hobby ever since. When I watched the news in the White House about how Michelle Obama built garden for girls, I was inspired too and that pushed me to build even small garden together with my two girls. For us, gardening is fun. Sometimes they help me cut the grass and water the plants too. I let them do it because I believed that it will help them become a natural gardeners someday. It is also a perfect bonding time for us. So every time, we visit our province, I made it a point that my two children are really involved with my activities and spend time with me in gardening.

In gardening I look for the quality seeds and I don't care much about the price. So when there is available low price for any seeds, I don't grab for that reason. Quality seeds produce beautiful flowers or plants so there's no other reason for me to buy other than the quality. It is really nice to have even a small garden. It brings good feeling seeing flowers in bloom or growing greeny plants. Gardening is my way to de-stress myself whenever I'm stressed out with the noise and pollution in the city.

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simply kim said...

three cheers for you! and three more for your garden!!!