Thursday, February 4, 2010

International Phone Cards

I can't imagine myself living without phone. It has been my everyday companion and part of my daily life. My two girls have their own phones too. It's one way of communicating each other whenever they're away from home or just needed something to rush in school. My husband who is working abroad also rely on his phone. He calls us everyday even for small details like if the kids have taken meals already or just to know what's up for the day.

This morning my husband called again and talked with him for an hour. Good thing he got this international phone cards for a much longer time. He told me about details of his flight. He's coming over hopefully before February ends. He has not finalized his vacation yet because he's only allowed for 25 days vacation from work of which March will fall on Holy Week and there is no available return flight on the said date. The conversation extended for another half hour but never worried about it since he was using an affordable phone card and yet the connection is excellent. It's like talking face to face and not miles away from home.

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