Tuesday, February 2, 2010

please help my blank page

I had been thinking about buying my own domain for this blog and a makeover. But then lately, I have decided to just open a new blog and then buy my own domain for it. I have the best web designer in blogworld and is now working in my layout, she is Kaye of Wahmaholic.

Now, I am thinking of a new title but can't think enough for a better one. I have this in my mind, "More Than Just A SAHM," and I want to include this quote from Danielle Fotopoulis, "Even if I don't reach all my goals, I've gone higher than I would have if I hadn't set any." So what do you think guys? I'm blogging seriously and so I need your help. The domain morethanjustasahm is still available and I hope no one gets this domain yet which I have to purchase.

Need your quick response guys. (demanding?!) *lol.


Reena said...

hahaha..ndi naman masyado demanding. salamat pala sa awrd. sige, try ko yan gawin asap.

okay naman title mo. i doubt na may kapareho ka kasi mahaba naman sya eh. hehehe. goodluck!

maritz said...

Hmmm... whats on your mind is the best .... see my site to know hw u ranked as EC dropper.

Eds said...

wow. my sarili ka na ring site. congrat nuts. i think ok na yong title mo. go for it bago may ibang magregister,. hehehe