Monday, February 1, 2010

happy 101

Thanks Kaye of WAHMaholic for this award. When I first dropped by in her blog, I was truly amazed by her layouts. She's a web designer and if I am to rate her designs, I would definitely give her an an excellent grade. Please stop by in her blog and be amazed not only with her designs but witty writings too.

This is my first award for 2010. The rule is simple, post this logo and list down ten things that makes you happy.

  • family
  • friends
  • paid utility bills
  • buff spa
  • opps
  • higher PR
  • saturday mornings
  • blogging, connecting all moms out there
  • going to supermarket to do grocery with my kids on weekend
  • excellent grade on academic subject of my two girls

Now I'm sharing this award to the following bloggers:

Cookie of My Girl
Amy of Amiable Amy
Nice A of Explore Amazing Thailand
Red of Redlan Web of Arts
Reena of Reena's Thoughts
Rose of Etcetera Etcetera
Ruby of A New Beginning
Wenn of Experiences
Eds of Love and Life
Jeanny of Startin A New Life Here
Dong of Eskapo


Eds said...

wow! thank you very much sa award nuts. first award ko din to for 2010. i'll post it in my blog soon.

nice A said...

sooo sweet of you, nuts! thanks for this award:)

chubskulit said...

Salamat dito sis, update ko na lang yung aking list.. mwah, sensya, I fed my son after cooking kaya di na nakareply..

the donG said...

ten things that makes me happy:

kung literal na things ito ang aking listahan:

camera, mobile phone, any audio player, travel books, bonnet, a motorcycle or a bike, laptop, toys, snorkel and a goggle and albums

kakatuwa list mo... natuwa ako sa higher pr

wenn said...

thanks. this is the 2nd award i received for the new year. congrats to u too.