Saturday, February 20, 2010

a few glitches?

Just a short post. I got a little problem with Blogsvertise this morning. I have an unpaid amount that was due on 12 of Feb. I always encounter such delay sometimes, a day or two but it didn't affect me because Blogsvertise has a good standing when it comes to this matter. Payment has always been paid direct to my Paypal account. Reasons of delay were mostly because of weekends or holidays. Today upon checking my payment status, I was surprised why due for Feb12 payment was marked paid and yet no payment was received in my paypal. When I checked my email, no notice of payment appeared in my inbox too. So I sent a message to admin and inquired about this. I didn't freak out. I believe they're just encountering problem or few glitches that I need not to be worried, unless otherwise this payment is still unresolved in the next 24hours. Blogsvertise has been generous to me, giving me assignments regularly. I'm also thankful to advertisers who trusted me to review their products.


gemini said...

I encountered this problems today, i lost 3 paid accounts and i don't know what happened. Anyway am still thankful God has extra blessings, it's my mom's birthday today, read my tribute to her and see you there.

anne said...

Uhmm I am not that active in blogsvertise though but I hope it would fixed soom I have added u already