Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Denver Vacation

I have been blogging about husband's vacation plan this year and look now how time flies by. It seems like yesterday when he left and I remembered that day because my daughter was sick and we were in the hospital when he left. Just imagine how sad and hard was it for him to leave us in that situation. Time flies by very fast. He will be home very soon. He will be staying for less than thirty days but he's already planning of taking a vacation in Denver Colorado when he flies back next month. And do you know what makes him so excited about this vacation? Well, a close friend of him just had a wonderful vacation with family in Denver and said that the place was really great for sports enthusiast. It was not only for sports that made him so excited to see the place, nor because it will be a sponsored vacation, but he's much excited, because the place is totally new to him. He said that if ever the company organize for picnic outing or team bonding, he would suggest Denver as the venue too.

Denver is a perfect destination for those who love to explore. I would suggest the place for backpack traveler and those who love to have an adventure with mountains. Even without actually seeing the place, I know they would surely love to see Denver surrounded by peaceful Colorado mountain ranges.

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