Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Car Accessories

Last weekend, I dropped by in my friend's house who just live few meters away from our house. It was the only time I visited her and caught her relaxing which is not the usual day for her. She's a very busy woman with buy and sell business and that started from her passion about car. Car accessorizing is her hobby that led her to do it seriously and apparently becomes her business too. She allocates enough fund for re-conditioning and accessorizing a car and then sell it in good price. With that business, she was able to travel different countries and buy everything that she wanted. It becomes her main source of living. Aside from her business, she's also a regular employee of one top corporation for over ten years.

She definitely is a car enthusiast. She also bought truck accessories for her husband who loves off road driving and rough road adventure. She knew exactly where to purchase for all types of vehicle even for truck accessories. She's always updated on new products in fact she just recently bought a sunroof deflectors.

She is an OC person and pays attention to her vehicle because she believes accessorizing is very important not only for her personal car but for her business as well. So owning a car for her doesn't just stop there, but giving importance to her investment by maintaining and making the vehicle always in good condition.

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