Friday, February 19, 2010

Budget Travel

I have visited few blogs last week and was amazed to discover some new blogs with travel or photo blog theme. I immediately followed the blog and became an instant fan too. I really admire how they appreciate the beauty of nature and explore different places. There are some bloggers too who are backpack travelers as they call. Whenever there's a long weekend, they immediately take that moment to spend vacation or meet other bloggers and travel as a group. I only wish I am one of them who can freely roam around without thinking about how much to spend for the trip. Lately I discovered Budget Travel Blogger and was amazed to see wonderful deals. Now, it will be easier for me to decide when they invite me for a tour next time.

Anyway, some of my friends have planned to visit ancestral house in southern part this weekend and how fortunate that Monday was declared as a non working holiday. They will be spending their weekend out of town and have booked themselves earlier without even knowing it will be a long holiday as declared. One thing to consider first before traveling is a well planned itinerary so as not to waste any single moment while out of town. I hope I could join with them too and explore the world with only limited budget to take from my pocket.

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