Sunday, February 28, 2010

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I Am Buraot
A blog about politics, the environment, religion, philanthropy, and everything else that is life. Author is known for his generosity in sponsoring contests. The home of the famous EntreDropper.

Anak Ni Kulapo
Yet another blog of Buraot. If you want to die laughing, then go visit Anak Ni Kulapo. His life in the US and hilarious stuff about his home country are only two of the must-sees in this blog.

Seiko's Diary
The blog title says it all. This is Seiko's journal about being a mom to her five gorgeous kiddos, her take on life in general, and random musings of a woman who loves life.

Mom Conversations
A new blog about everything concerning mothers: pregnancy, health and fitness and babies are the current categories, under which are detailed articles containing tips and valuable information for moms everywhere.

Please drop by these blogs if you have the time and see why they are worthy of a special mention. :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yummy Sunday: leche flan

I oftentimes cooked Leche Flan for my children but it's not really smooth. They would always tell me, "Mom, the next time you cook puto, don't make it too sweet."
So upon seeing smoothest leche flan recipe
from Dishes By Pehpot, (and we drooled over the photo in her blog) I immediately bought the following ingredients: 8 egg yolk, Alaska evap and condensed milk, brown sugar, white sugar.

I followed the recipe and procedure carefully. Now, let's see the result..

with lights on..

and the words from my food tasters..

"Maybe the sweetest, but not really the smoothest because I've tasted bits of sugar from the syrup. "

But Leche Flan was all gone in a day. They love it and will cook again next weekend. If not because of new found recipe, I wouldn't make it perfectly, I mean almost perfect. I'll cook the syrup well next time. But aside from bits of sugar from syrup, my Leche Flan was just as smoothest as Dishes By Pehpot. :D

More Yummy Sunday at
Perfectly Blended.

8.3-magnitude earthquake hits Chile

Was browsing the page when breaking news flashed.. 8.3 magnitude Earthquake hits Chile. A while ago, I was just in YouTube about Haiti.

USGS reports 8.3 magnitude earthquake in chile

SANTIAGO, Chile – The U.S. Geological Survey reports that an 8.3-magnitude earthquake has struck southern Chile.

The quake hit 197 miles (317 kilometers) southwest of the capital, Santiago, and at a depth of 36.9 miles (59.4 kilometers) at 3:34 a.m. (0634 GMT; 1:34 a.m. EST).

Friday, February 26, 2010

MM: Song From A Mom's Heart

mommy moments

Our theme for Mommy Moment this week is Song From a Mom's Heart. I remember these songs from Disney that we always sang together. When we watched Disney on Ice in Araneta many years ago, Lactum was one of the sponsor and it so happened that my older daughter was a Lactum baby. So before we went home, we bought two big cans of Lactum just to avail free CD's of Disney On Ice soundtrack. Some of the songs that we always sing together are Whole New World, Reflection and Part of your World. Part of the World is just one of their favorite that I always sing to them before they sleep.

Part of your World

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you
Now I'm in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world
Don't you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand things to see
Hold your breath - it gets better
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world
Every turn a surprise
With new horizons to pursue
Every moment red-letter
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world
That's where we'll be
A thrilling chase
A wondrous place
For you and me

How sweet is it to remember those moments, as they fall asleep while singing lullaby song. Until now, whenever they hear the song, it's like something from their childhood connect them through the song.
For more Mommy Moments Songs From a Mom's Heart entry, please click the above badge.

Investment Forge

Are you one of those bloggers who are earning money online in the comfort of their own house? How do you manage it? When I first opened my blog, I have zero knowledge about earning money online. It was not my real purpose but I became interested when I saw other blogs earning money online and enjoy blogging even more. I asked some bloggers to help me and they were kind enough to guide me and help me online but still it wasn't enough. Being stay at home mom, online world helps me fill up empty time alone in the house waiting for my children from school. It even helps me to socialize and meet other bloggers sharing the same views and ideas. Sharing simple planning of menu to serve for the following meal with other bloggers are just as real as sharing with them in real world. And how incredible the benefits when we socialize and earn money at the same time.

Here's how. Bloggers who are successful online will be more successful with InvestmentForge. They're even willing to teach you how to earn more money online. So even if you are not experienced online, things will become easier for your business at home. We really can't depend on our earnings online since opportunities are not given regularly. More opportunities only mean more payout, but less opportunity means less earnings. But with the help of professional analyst and support staff, earnings will be more profitable. I am more than excited with my online activities, so check it out now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watery Wednesday

I just can't wait for summer! Hot temperature is rising. We experienced 28 °C yesterday and summer with 40°C forecast is yet to come. Get ready with your sunblock folks and protect yourselves from getting burned.

My entry for Watery Wednesday
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tuesday couch potatoes

For the Love of Family is our theme for the week. It feels good to watch this kind of movie. I can only think one movie right now for this theme. Everybody's Fine. The story is about a widower named Frank Goode. He tried to keep his family bonded since he lose his wife and he needs to maintain his relationship with his four adult children. Just to make sure that all his children were in good situation, he traveled around the country to check each one of them. Being a father he knew what his children are hiding from him. Wait I have to cut my story here. Please watch the full movie yourself. I just had to share that parents have intuition, however far or near to their children, they know what they're exactly doing. Starring Robert de Niro, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell and Lucien Maisel.

Please visit
Kikamz of Just About Anything for more love of the family movies.

Casino Games

When husband first came to US, the first thing he did was to visit casino. It just so happened that family year end tradition includes going out of town and play games in casino, an outdoor holiday to relax. On his first visit to casino, he was one lucky man to win few dollars. He said the experience was fun. Although it's a game of chance, he wasn't really after winning the jackpot. For him, relaxation and a little winnings are more than enough. So when he told me about the holiday again, I excitedly asked him to checked casino games online.

There's an online casinos for real money. This isn't just a game online but also playing like in actual casino. All you need to do is select casino game that you want and you can start to play right there. Time is not even limited here and you can play for as long as you want. You can play depending on your availability since this is online and you don't need to worry anymore when to go home or when casino will close.

Gaming sites in the web is so easy. Just visit the site and it will take you to the online games. Once you open the website, you can already relax, sit and play like in a real casino house. This is easier than driving four hours just to get to your favorite casino. Honestly I am not really lucky playing casino games. I tried it once and played slot machine. I won a hundred dollars but then i bet again and lose what I have won. I told my husband if he wants online slots real money, he can proceed to the website and decide what online game to play.

It is the best and easiest way to enjoy time and play online slots machine for real money. There are different slots machine for real money. Not only online game but real money is involved here so winning is just right in your hand too.

Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest

Calling all bloggers in the universe. The biggest Blogversary Contest is still up. I have visited each of your blogs to the last drop of my powers and reviewed. I thought, I'll save the best for the last. But I don't want to be left behind. I need to post it now, only few hours left for me and need to hurry up my review.

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A Woman Remembers : Beng's Entertainment Spree : My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf : Yashiro : The Blogger Hub : Embrace Life

Monday, February 22, 2010

how'd you like my ice cream?

Here's my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday.

They call it a dirty ice cream. Dirty ice cream or "SORBETES" is a real  hit during summer. This cream is  sold in colorful designed cart. During early days, ice cream dealers bred their own cow and milked them to be used for "dirty ice cream."
It is called dirty ice cream because it is sold along the street and not from known ice cream factory. This is not really dirty as the name implies.

My daughter wants her ice cream like a rose with different color. She was amazed the last time she bought and was surprised with how this ice cream was made. Two carts already passed by but she waited for this ice cream dealer who can design flower for her ice cream.

In cone, cup, in glass, with bread, or toppings in halu-halo, I want ice cream to refresh me this summer.

My Mellow Yellow Monday.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday citar

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Tabitha @ FreshMommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love,
a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.
Mother Teresa

Yummy Sunday

Because what we had last Valentine weren't enough for us, I told my kids I'll cook one for them this weekend.

This is the Greenwich Chicken Carbonara I ordered last week.

And here is my own version of Carbonara.
I add Bologna in my own recipe so I'll call this Chicken Bologna Carbonara.

As you can see, I sprinkled chopped parsley and that's for my food plater only. My plate perfectly match with greenwich color, green and red. I rushed this herb to the nearest supermarket to complete my presentation. Haha. I'm happy with all the effort I exerted. I cooked fabulously, my food tasters said that, not me. :D

They preferred plain Chicken Bologna Carbonara without the herbal leaves. I told them herbal leaves are for my presentation only, haha. So girls, you have to pay me with a big smile, please say cheezy for me.. So here's one.. cheeeezy...
More cheeziness Yummy Sunday at Perfectly Blended.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


So I got my payment 10 hours after posting my problem. Thanks so much Blogsvertise. I just received an email from Paypal that they sent payment in my Paypal Account. The email came from Paypal. Thanks for the quick response. More power!

a few glitches?

Just a short post. I got a little problem with Blogsvertise this morning. I have an unpaid amount that was due on 12 of Feb. I always encounter such delay sometimes, a day or two but it didn't affect me because Blogsvertise has a good standing when it comes to this matter. Payment has always been paid direct to my Paypal account. Reasons of delay were mostly because of weekends or holidays. Today upon checking my payment status, I was surprised why due for Feb12 payment was marked paid and yet no payment was received in my paypal. When I checked my email, no notice of payment appeared in my inbox too. So I sent a message to admin and inquired about this. I didn't freak out. I believe they're just encountering problem or few glitches that I need not to be worried, unless otherwise this payment is still unresolved in the next 24hours. Blogsvertise has been generous to me, giving me assignments regularly. I'm also thankful to advertisers who trusted me to review their products.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blog Event

I received an invitation from Bisolvon Supermoms Blog Event to be held at Fun Ranch. Feb. 20 (Saturday) . I know it will be a lot of fun with many special activities, meeting other mom bloggers and fun activities with kids, but I think I cannot make it for the event tomorrow. :(

Budget Travel

I have visited few blogs last week and was amazed to discover some new blogs with travel or photo blog theme. I immediately followed the blog and became an instant fan too. I really admire how they appreciate the beauty of nature and explore different places. There are some bloggers too who are backpack travelers as they call. Whenever there's a long weekend, they immediately take that moment to spend vacation or meet other bloggers and travel as a group. I only wish I am one of them who can freely roam around without thinking about how much to spend for the trip. Lately I discovered Budget Travel Blogger and was amazed to see wonderful deals. Now, it will be easier for me to decide when they invite me for a tour next time.

Anyway, some of my friends have planned to visit ancestral house in southern part this weekend and how fortunate that Monday was declared as a non working holiday. They will be spending their weekend out of town and have booked themselves earlier without even knowing it will be a long holiday as declared. One thing to consider first before traveling is a well planned itinerary so as not to waste any single moment while out of town. I hope I could join with them too and explore the world with only limited budget to take from my pocket.

Mommy Moments: Valentine's

It's Feb month and our theme for MM is all about love. This week is about how we celebrate our Valentine. I have posted an entry with the same theme as GT. So I might just add this that my daughters asked me if we have cake for valentine. So, before heading home after our conference, I stopped by at Goldilocks and brought them, not cake, but Cinnamon Roll. :D

Honestly I missed those days when they came home from school with a card or flower for me. Now, I seldom received cards from them. Well, I should not expect too. I don't give them flowers like I used to when they were little kids. I missed those days when they surprised me with the cards they made on Valentine's day. Oh girls, they're both grown up already that they changed their preference on how to celebrate the day. Greetings are more than enough for me, or just hearing those words, "i love you mom" is like a music for me.

mommy moments

Please visit Mommy Moments for more Love on Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Online Statistics Tutorial

We had our 3rd Parent Teacher Conference last Sunday. The conference helps analyze the students performance in the class. All parents were given at least ten to fifteen minutes time to talk with respective teacher/adviser regarding the performance of students in the class. Honestly, even without seeing my daughter's report card, I already knew how she responds in the class. My daughter got a superior grade in IQ Test and English and I'm just so proud of her but not with this subject, statistic. I didn't bother to blog about her superior grade in other subjects because I'd focussed on the subject where she got an average grade. I'm looking for Statistics help for her. I'll be happy and contented with above average grade if ever she did not achieve superior grade in Statistic and so we're now actually looking for Statistics tutor.

My two girls have a hard time understanding Statistic. As early as today I already know that they will encounter harder Statistics problems later. My older daughter has been asking me what course in college she will take without any Statistics questions. But I told her that everything now can be learned online. I told her there's free Statistics help to run to. I encouraged her to take a course that she loves even with Math or Statistic. Everything is available online and Statistics answers can be found at Tutor Vista. Over four million are now depending on online tutorial and everything is right there at the comfort of your home with unlimited tutoring session. Free Demo Session is given to first time user and so everything is just made easy with online tutorial.

Girls TAlk

As posted in my previous GT entry, VD will be a very simple day for us. My whole morning was occupied attending 3rd Parent-Teacher Conference for my daughter. We attended mass late afternoon and had pizza 'n pasta for dinner after. My cam was already in lowbat condition when my two girls asked to a take a photograph. I was not even able to take photograph of the dragon parade we saw on our way home.

I ordered Special Overload Pizza but it was not available that time. My older daughter wanted Beefy Pizza, and Ham n Cheeze only for my little one, so they meet the order halfway, Hawaian Super Thin. :D

They ordered Lasagna and mine was Chicken Carbonara. And whose hand is this invading in my plate? lol. My older daughter obviously was not satisfied with her lasagna. This is how we celebrated our Valentine's Day. It's all food trip. :)

My entry for
For all Girls Talkers, I hope you all enjoyed your Happy Heart's Day!

BC Blogger?

BC Blogger? Are you one of us? I am SAHM and blogging adds to my super busy day. If you may ask, I spend hours and hours in my blogs everyday, reading, updating, dropping and of course link building. Link Exchange just add to my blogging hours. This is now made easier for you. You don't have to beg or ask each of the bloggers for Link X and then later find out that your blog is not added, and that's common because, I too, sometimes forget and have no master list on who added me or whom I added. Sometimes I am just too busy and forget to update links on my blog. Now, sit back and relax, BC Blogger will do it for you. Follow the link, and you'll know the secret, it's almost done for you.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Insure Yourself

Every time I watch early morning news, the usual headlines are road accidents driving motorcycle without helmet or any protective gear. I felt bad about this since most of them are drivers who never care about safety precautions for driving. It shows that most reckless drivers have not even obtained their insurance. They don't care about their life and don't even use any safety gear despite of Helmet Law. One thing I asked my husband when he started driving was motor trade insurance. He said that it was the first thing he secured before he proceed his driving. Husband had a very traumatic experience in driving. That happened many years ago when his best friend encountered motor accidents and was died on the spot. From then on, he promised not to drive any vehicle for the fear of the accidents. It took a lot of courage for him to refresh his driving skills and the good thing here is that, he overcame that fear. After few years of that trauma, he realized that fear is something he has to face and not to suffer for the rest of his life. He enjoys driving more today. He told me that sometimes he just drive in town for no reason at all and just enjoy the view of the coastline.

Watery Wednesday

One of the oldest building in the Philippines is Manila Central Post Office with over 250 years in the history and that's during Spanish regime. It was 1767 when it was first established but it was only 1926 when built in its present neo-classic architecture. Manila Cental Post Office was rebuilt after WW II in 1946.

This is the half front view of Manila Post Office. I apologized for not focusing on the Post Office building as this was just a snap capture with my very own model who gladly posed for my Watery Wednesday.

My entry for Watery Wednesday
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Denver Vacation

I have been blogging about husband's vacation plan this year and look now how time flies by. It seems like yesterday when he left and I remembered that day because my daughter was sick and we were in the hospital when he left. Just imagine how sad and hard was it for him to leave us in that situation. Time flies by very fast. He will be home very soon. He will be staying for less than thirty days but he's already planning of taking a vacation in Denver Colorado when he flies back next month. And do you know what makes him so excited about this vacation? Well, a close friend of him just had a wonderful vacation with family in Denver and said that the place was really great for sports enthusiast. It was not only for sports that made him so excited to see the place, nor because it will be a sponsored vacation, but he's much excited, because the place is totally new to him. He said that if ever the company organize for picnic outing or team bonding, he would suggest Denver as the venue too.

Denver is a perfect destination for those who love to explore. I would suggest the place for backpack traveler and those who love to have an adventure with mountains. Even without actually seeing the place, I know they would surely love to see Denver surrounded by peaceful Colorado mountain ranges.

Tuesday Couch Potatoes

For the Love of Nature. The first movie that came into my mind is River Wild. I love Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep in the movie. When Gail, (played by Meryl Streep) takes her family for a trip down to the river, they encountered two men that needs to find their friends down the river. Gail was expert in rafting but this lead the whole trip into a ruined rafting holiday trip to river wild. The two men they meet forced them down to the river and meet their accomplices. Wade played by Kevin Bacon. "I am a nice guy. Just a different kind of nice guy." and that's the line I remembered with this movie. Please do watch this 1994 film. Our theme for this week is for the love of nature. I am not sure if this movie qualifies for the theme. I just love the settings here, forget about the thrill and suspense scene in the movie. Just focus on the river, the wild and the rafting. :)

Please visit
Kikamz of Just About Anything for more TCP with nature's touch.

Short Post

I'll update my blog later tonight, also for my Tuesday Couch Potatoes entry. I'm still on my SAHM duty right now. Have to review my daughter for the coming exam. You may want to read what made me busy and over gaga today, please click here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Camp Activities


Aside from astronony seminar, swimming, zoo viewing in the camp that my daughter had attended last week, she and the rest of the club members had a chance to play around the camping area.

Just imagine how tiring that activity that a three-seater in a bus just turned comfortable as queen size comfy bed for them. The one in green shirt is my daughter with her head in my lap. I couldn't move a bit as I have cramps in my legs but I managed to take a shot for documentary purposes. :)

my entry for MYM.
More of yellow posts here.

My other MYM entry here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Citar

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Tabitha @ FreshMommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

A heart shaped box that I received not on the day of Valentine but on Christmas last year. Heart's day is not limited today, Feb. 14 but all through out the year. I hope everyone had a blast celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day too!

If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough. - Ann Landers

My TV Option

I had been searching for Direct TV for a long time and how fortunate that I found Direct TV finally at Husband asked me to look for it because he doesn't want to miss any of the sports event. Now he's enjoying NBA TV when he's off from work. He's also a fan of boxing and he surely will enjoy fight of Manny Pacquiao as he can order pay per view too. There's a Direct TV CA that he can rely on, watching sports during his free time or anytime after his work. He's a big fan of NBA. Husband can't live without TV. TV is part of his life. He's coming home next week and was asking me if the TV in our room is working.

There are more than hundreds of channels from sports, movies that he's enjoying just like his uncle who has Direct TV TX. His uncle was bragging about how he enjoyed all the benefits of having a direct TV too. Besides, he finds it very easy to install unlike cable installation.
Sundays now are not boring days anymore for them. They enjoy sports, not just limited to 4 channels only but more channels of sports pack, local news, and other channels in high density.

How about you, are you a subscriber of any television provider? How do you find your TV provider? I can't live without TV just like my children who also love TV so much. TV is our great bonding time, so is Direct TV.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

yummy sunday

Yay! Yummy Sunday once again. I'll be sharing with you what I have prepared for dinner the other day. One of my favorite dish that my older daughter loves to eat too.
Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd
The bitter, the better.

and Crispy Liempo.
you can even hear the crunchy sensation while eating it's crispy skin.
so chicharon.
I'm posting this early because I'll be out tomorrow for a date. It's Valentine's Day. I'll be attending our 3rd Parents-Teachers Conference for my older daughter tomorrow. I don't know as to where we're going after the meeting, maybe at the mall and will have lunch with my princesses. So there, Happy Valentine's day to you all!

Please visit more Yummy Sunday at Perfectly Blended.
Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Chinese New Year too!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Apartment Within Reach

When husband was still looking for a job, he always wish to find one near to his place. So when he finally landed into a new job, that was an hour drive to his work, he decided to move into a place near to his new assignment. Soon as he started looking for an apartment, he'd call me everyday and talked with me about details. It's very important for him to get me involved too before making any decision since finding an apartment seems to be very stressful for him. Sometimes when he seems to find one, the location and features never agree. Or when an apartment is comfortable and safe to stay with, the rental fee never suits the budget. He thinks that the location is always the first thing to consider so he was almost near to frustration when he found an unfurnished apartment, far from fitness center and even to commercial area.

When he visited his cousin who lived a couple of years already near the University of Arizona, he stopped by and checked the available apartment for rent near the area before heading to his cousin. As soon he reached the destination, he asked about the safety of the place. Husband obviously was stressed out but the comfort and safety are the things that he considered most. How fortunate that his cousin finds the comfort in his home he's now renting. The place has WIFI in pool area and with 24 hours security service. He said he might consider the place too but will call me again as soon as he finalized his decision when to finally move.

Mommy Moments: message of love

Message of Love
.. for my two precious princesses in my life

I'm just one of those lucky moms blessed to be home for you. By just looking at those smiles on your face with all your little achievements, or even a cry for your little disappointments makes me think I'm so so blessed to witness every milestones in your life. I may not be with you 24 hours a day, but my heart is beyond that hours for you. I may not the perfect mom but I'm doing my best to be. I know I'm not perfect as I have shortcomings too, but no matter what I seem to be, I love you very much, no amount of words can define my love for you my beautiful princesses in life. mom loves you so much..

P.S. To you both, please don't grow up so quickly, I still want to embrace the moment of hearing your voices talking as a child, hugging me and kissing me as a little kid. It's hard to think on me sometimes, that sooner you'll be busy with your own life too.. but no matter what, mom loves you tremendously.. there's not a thing that I cannot do for you. i love you.

mommy moments

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trading Option

In my view of life today, we have to be very careful with our strategy on where to put our money for real investment. Many years ago, there was an enticing offer for me to invest in stock market. Although it was a very small amount, I was still scared because I have zero understanding about stocks. I was so afraid because I have this strong feeling of losing from investment. That scenario stopped me and that only made me realized today that I only lose more than gain.

Today, my friend phoned and asked me about investment on stocks and I promptly replied that I am not the right person to seek for this kind of advise. But when I mentioned about this trading options, that only made her became more interested to invest. I must admit, I have no knowledge when it comes to stock market. I still have to learn more being new in this field and I need financial planning and advise too for excellent return of my stocks in the future and to make profit easily. Well, that's still very far for my actual investment but at least I know now where to run to for future business.

My Valentines Date for 2010

Our house is near  drop off  points of flowers in  Manila,  known as Dangwa or  "Bulaklakan ng Maynila, so most  likely   sure,  that day will bring  heavy traffic in our area.    I have no date for  valentines day since my husband is not around but that day will still be special for me and my daughters. I thought about going out with my kids on that day but thinking about the traffic brought me the idea to  just stay in the house and cook dish for them.  My daughters suggest to just order pizza for delivery.   My husband will arrive before February ends so that's still month of love,  we can still make it and have special date together.  He said he's craving for Joel Torre's  Bacolod chicken inasal  and asked me to check the nearest chicken inasal in town.  The nearest is in  Timog  so  we might stop by there and have food trip in the famous spot  in town.

My entry for
For all  Girls Talkers, enjoy  the day! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my baby blog

I just opened a new blog with my own domain My baby blog is still under transition since I just bought my own domain yesterday. Please visit me there and leave a footprint so I could visit you back too. 'and I am promoting my ownself here.' ^-^ You're free to grab my button. Thanks so much.

Watery Wednesday

My daughter is wondering if she can make it at giant slide.

One of their activities in Science Camp is swimming. More photos here.

My 9th entry for Watery Wednesday
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NC Apartment

One thing that husband looked for when he first came to LA was to secure a high paying job. He told me that he needed that to save for our future. But now that he's working in a drug manufacturing company, there are still many offers coming in along his way but he never grabbed any opportunity because of the location of the job. He thinks that if he grab the chance, he will need to move from the house and rent a condo or townhomes near to that place. He prefers to live in townhomes or condo while my ideal place to live is countryside.

Now that he's being offered for a better job, he told me that if he finally decide in the future, he will just look for a Wilmington NC apartments because it is very far from his home base in LA. He's very particular with details like if it is a fully furnished house. So I advised him to look for the best apartment should he decide to grab the opportunity being offered to him. Working eight hours in his job needs a home he can feel relaxed at the end of the hard working day. It's already a reward for him to just be home relaxing, whether an apartment, a townhouse or a condo.

Tuesday Couch Potatoes

The theme for TCP this is week is about For the Love of Children. Though I'm a little late with this entry, I know you'll find this film very inspiring too.

When his wealthy grandfather dies, trust fund baby Jason Stevens anticipates a big inheritance. Instead, his grandfather has devised a crash course on life: twelve gifts designed to challenge Jason in improbable ways, sending him on a journey of self-discovery and forcing him to determine what is most important in life: money or happiness. Jason thought his inheritance was the gift of money and lots of it--but Jason thought wrong. He had a very simple relationship with his impossibly wealthy Grandfather, Howard Stevens. He hated him. No heart-to-heart talks, no warm fuzzies, just cold hard cash. So of course he figured that when Red died, the whole reading of the will thing would be another simple cash transaction. He figured that his Grandfather's money would allow him to continue living in the lifestyle to which he had become accustomed. But what Red left him was anything but simple. Red instead devised a plan for Jason to experience a crash course on life. Twelve tasks, which Red calls a gift, each challenging Jason in improbable ways, the accumulation of which would change him forever. source

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Here's my entry for mellow yellow monday.

I took these photos during zoo viewing as part of Science Camp activities that my daughter had joined last Saturday.

Birds inside Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

My Mellow Yellow Monday.

my daughter's experience in Science Camp

It's an experience to remember for my little daughter who attended Science Camp last Feb. 6-7 at La Vista resort. 5 PAGASA guests held the short seminar about Space Exploration. I only remembered the names Ruben Cunanan and Mario Raymundo who conducted the seminar. It's a rare chance for her to have actually viewed planets and stars in the universe.

It was already late night when the seminar was finished and stargazing started at 11pm. angel, a friend next to her, was eagerly waiting for her turn and was figuring out heavenly bodies above.

Highlight of the science camp was stargazing by which my little daughter truly enjoyed. She described Saturn as small blinking star in orange color and Mars as a light red ball.

Too bad that we didn't wait for the moon to shine as it was already 3am when it appeared that night. We missed to see the moon. PAGASA astronomer Ruben Cunanan told us that moon is in quarter shape and just perfect for eyes to view that one will even see the crater or the moon. Too bad that we missed that. I was too tired to wake up my daughter who was overly tired too from activities that day, swimming, zoo viewing and playing around.

Earlier that day, slogan making contest was held with science and technology theme. I just picked my favorite entry here.

and this one too which I think the message is clear in this piece.
Heavenly bodies are her interests. She definitely learned a lot from the camp but she still had more questions unanswered. I hoped that she had more time to talk with PAGASA group who conducted the seminar. She's looking forward of joining again next year's Science Camp.