Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yummy Sunday

This is my 9th entry for Yummy Sunday. I missed last week celebration here. Anyways, I'm on a strict diet and so what I will share here is something that will totally burn out your calories. Here is a young unriped sour green carabao mango (and that's how I described manggang hilaw!) . Take some, this is super duper sour and just perfect for my ginisang bagoong, (sauteed shrimp paste). Don't forget the sili! You can also try dipping this into soysauce with lots of sugar.

For more Yummy Sunday, please visit Perfectly Blended. Have a Happy Yummy Sunday!


Lalaine said...

It's like I could already taste the mangoes with how describe it.. hehehe!

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wenn said...

wow, nice!

Bogie said...

I had this last yummy! :)

Bogie at:Perfectly Blended

January said...

perfect combination... nkakalaway hehehe

Belly Buster

wenn said...

i hv added u to my blog list.

Redlan said...

namiss ko tuloy ang mangga with bagoong.

Muthering Heights said...

That sounds delicious!