Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Couch Potatoes

This week theme for TCP is order in the court!! My entry is My Cousin Vinny.
I seldom watch movie with any courtroom scene, but when I saw this movie with a touch of comedy, I became interested and watched the film. I also love Marissa Tomei whom I admired most in her movie "Only You" with co-stars Robert Downey Jr.

My Cousin Vinny is 1992 film starring Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, Marissa Tomei and featuring Fred Gwyne. Tthe story is about two young New Yorkers who were put on trial they did not commit. Tomei won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in this movie.

Thanks Kikamz for this wonderful meme. I am excited for TCP next week. I am so in love with Ryan Gosling right now and will feature him for love story theme next week.


kikamz said...

i love marissa tomei nuts. now that you've mentioned this film, i will definitely watch this! hmmm.. looks like i already know your love story film... your love affair with ryan grosling says it all! heheh! but hey, i love him too. let's find out next week which love story movie is a favorite among the couchers. hehe!

thanks for joining us this week nuts. till next week then, hugs and happy tcp!

Mama Ko said...

I actually did not seethe whole movie. palagi naman ito nasa TV so I could watch it anytime I want it.