Saturday, January 30, 2010

Support Our Navy Seals Tshirt

Valentine month is nearing once again. Different shop already set up their store for Valentine's theme. Valentine's means heart. But it does not only mean for lovers, but for everyone, friends and family. Have you received any gift last Valentine's Day. I clearly remember my Valentines last year. We spent that day with special children. It was a very memorable day for me. I did not receive anything except that, that day marked something in my heart.

Only two more days left for January. February 14 is past approaching and I'm thinking about giving a Valentine present, not flowers nor cake or anything sweet for Valentine's Day. Would it be sweet if I buy Support Our Navy SEALs Tshirt as a gift? The original price is 29.99 and they're now offering discounted price of $20. $10 from this shirt will go to Warrior Defense Fund to support the three accused Navy Seals. So purchasing means your doing it for a good cause and I think that's sweeter for me! Tshirts here are 100% cotton and in high quality fabric too. I go for a comfortable outfit for my everyday get-up. Flip flops, shirt and jeans for me is my view of a perfect outfit. I easily get tired with high heeled shoes, besides, I only consider an outfit that gives me enough comfort to move. This shirt is also perfect for me. I'll buy one as a gift for myself too.

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