Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sporty Girl

My friend, Lady G, has arrived from vacation and said that it was quite expensive unlike her first trip to Thailand. Though, she spent much from that trip, she did not complain about the package because she was totally satisfied and her vacation was truly relaxing. When she called me this afternoon, she mentioned that she will be spending her weekend in Ilocos together with her family. She asked me if I could come with them tomorrow to attend birthday of her nephew before heading North. I was actually excited to hear that but of course my answer was, no! How could I say yes when I have these two kids to attend to tomorrow, besides we're planning also to go to Batangas this weekend. Oh my, anyway, she's still waiting for her car to be shipped back to Manila but she has no problem at all with Moving Cars. Now that she's here, only mean a lot of talking, shopping and dining again. No! I won't go shopping with her, and I can't afford that. She only asks my opinion about anything including her latest fashion. Not really a fashionista because she's kinda like a sporty girl type who just love car. Anyway, if her Ilocos visit won't push thru this weekend, I might ask her to go with us to Batangas instead.