Friday, January 29, 2010

Save Mother Earth, Go Green Police!

Have you felt at times that the world is not safe to live anymore? How do you feel about the environment? Today, living in this world seems to very unpleasant and what about the next generation, will they ever see the beauty of mother earth in the future?

Are you aware about extreme weather condition that we experienced last year? The country was totally devastated by numerous flash flood. Waist-deep flood even brought many casualties and destroyed many properties. It was nature's way of reminding us how we treated the environment. And what cause this to happen? Waste are not properly disposed and we treated the environment so badly.

The town just seems to be overly polluted and need attention for this serious matter. In metropolitan cities in US, Green Police were formed to let the people know how to take care of environment. Simple waste management were being taught by Green Police. They also encourage people about recycling or not littering, and that already makes a big difference. They even stop people urinating somewhere else. In Glastonbury Festival, festival goers will learn about the issues on environment like respect for the earth since Green Police have their own funky way to spread the important information about saving our mother earth.

You can be one of them too. They are actually environmental task force with funny and funky way of approaching people. You can check Green Police application and help save the earth. I hope people will be more aware now. Save Mother Earth, Go Green Police!

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