Friday, January 29, 2010

Rodeo Show

I haven't been to Rodeo show but it always excites me to watch Rodeo even on TV or movie. What more in real event with this total entertainment package, a Rodeo show, a concert of top performing artists with free food and drinks?

The biggest Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show known also as Rodeo Houston happens every March and that's only few more days to go before the event. A concert is held after the Rodeo Show where stage is moved to the center of the ring so that everyone will get the chance to see the artist performing on stage. I say concert because right after the Rodeo, hottest name in music industry performs after the event.

It is not a surprise to me anymore why husband is rushing to buy tickets.   He is big fan of Rodeo and also country music like Alan Jackson. I suggest to buy the 8th row action seats located at both sides of rodeo ring. And that's for the price of $194 for two already that includes food and drinks. Well I think the price for the ticket is reasonable enough. I've requested husband if possible for us to watch Rodeo event that features Miley Cyrus for the concert. Not my generation though, but my children love her and so I love her songs too. Now, it is not only the Rodeo events that excites me, a concert just added the fun. Previous years performers were artist like Beyonce, Faith Hill, Bon Jovi and Tim McGraw. I hope this will happen soon.

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