Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post Christmas Sale

Today is fifth day of 2010 and the second working day of the year. I can't believe time flies so fast and Christmas is over. Yesterday, I already took down the decorations at home. It was not my practice to take down so early but I kept all the ornaments of my Christmas tree and neatly wrapped it for next season to avoid too much dust. Before doing it, I made it sure that all ornaments are dust-free using blower and put them back in boxes especially the balls to keep the glitters intact. I also did general cleaning right after. I moved and rearranged furnitures to minimize the space. Being a mom is a tough job. I moved everything all by myself. Some old furnitures need to be replaced like our closet, cabinets and bed and my daughter suggested to buy air beds instead. They saw it in their cousin's house and they feel comfortable with it.

Most department stores are now on post Christmas sale, offering even 50 to 75% lower than the regular price. I think this is the best time to shop and probably we'll go out this weekend to check more items with discounted price. My daughter wants to have it soon. They have been asking for it since we experienced the typhoon last year and many people were saved using this inflatable bed or airbeds too.

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Eds said...

ahhh...oo nga buti pinaalala mo. kailangan ko na magshopping habang meron pang sale.