Saturday, January 9, 2010

open letter to

my cousin, Sarah,
You looked great and fab as I viewed your photos yesterday when you went online! It's just so sad to see your video on how you missed your Tatay. Sigh. I know how you feel especially this month of the year. Anyways, I hope to chat with you sometime again soon when you're not busy but then I know your career needs a lot of devotion, passion and time. Always take care. Looking forward for your hello in my inbox!

my brother,
Today is your birthday and your wife too. Happy Birthday! Also a feast day of our Patron Saint, Black Nazarene. Everybody remember your birthday and how could anyone else forget when there's a lot to celebrate for the day. It will take another two years for you to be with your family again. Keep up the good work bro!

Why are you so super duper sad today? Are you missing someone? You seems to be emo lately. Warm hugs for you.

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Redlan said...

Galing naman ng open letter na ito. isa lang ang reaction ko kay magic. Kaw kasi emo ka kaya nagkaganun siya. Cheer up Magic este Nuts.