Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Online Today

Updating my blog is usually done in the morning. Today is quite unusual for me, waking up early because of these things that I need to be done for the day. Checking hotel reservation for my friend took much of my time but still i consider this day as the most productive day for me too being able to update my blog at the same time. I am still working on with my new layout and I hope it will take effect very soon. I'm also thinking about buying my own domain but I'm still getting some knowledge to finally process it. I will announce my new domain when I have it! Anyway, I have accomplished almost everything on my to-do-list today. I've also finished my downloads. I have no problem anymore because there's this torrents search that I can use. I've got no idea before about this torrent file, but then thanks, everything just went easily this morning with torrents. I am still removing unnecessary program and files in my computer. I hope this will become more easier for me online.

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