Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ninoy - Cory Love Story on MMK

I just watched Part One of two episodes of Ninoy-Cory Love Story on MMK. Part two of the story will be aired next week. Piolo Pascual portrayed Ninoy and Bea Alonzo as Cory. I focused myself on TV tonight for this drama anthology. First, it's Piolo Pascual and my second reason is, I love Ninoy-Cory love story and how Ninoy fell in love with Tita Cory not once, but thrice.. Although I know a bit about them in the history, Im still curious on how will Piolo play the role of being Ninoy. Apparently, he perfectly portrayed and gave justice to the role. The first part ended when then President Marcos proclaimed Martial Law. Next episode will be aired next week with this teaser.. it was under martial law, Cory was crying while Ninoy was in the hospital.. and that I have to wait again for MMK next Saturday. It's not myself alone who's excited to watch but my children as well.

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acmumcee said...

We're watching it now.. =)