Saturday, January 23, 2010

National Finals Rodeo

Husband loves city life. Although he often visits Las Vegas, his only reason of going back to the place is to relax together with family at least twice a year. Today, it's a different holiday and ticket that he wanted to buy in Las Vegas. Husband said because of his experience of watching rodeo before, it gave him a wonderful feeling that he will definitely remember for as long as he live. The adrenaline rush and the excitement makes him more excited again for the event. As early as today he already checked Nationals Final Rodeo Tickets for the biggest event on December. The Rodeo that he attended before was worth for the price of $100 because of the experience, and that gave me this drive to watch the actual event too. He said if I'm only with him in Las Vegas, he would purchase ticket for two. I would really like to feel the excitement of rodeo in the future and I think with this thrilling experience, the price for the ticket is not a big deal anymore. I hope husband will be able to get the ticket now.

I remember once riding in a rodeo but not the real one. It was actually a machine but that experience already gave me an electrifying feeling. Yeah, I failed at times, but I think it only need focus both mind and body. I hope to attend the Rodeo Finals and witness the real men riding in wild animals too.

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wenn said...

wow, that must be fun!