Thursday, January 28, 2010

my first boyfriend! this is it!

This post is from my guest blogger, a nutsy mom.. (wink) to protect the privacy of the author. haha.
This is really is it! I just can't get over with Dancing Cebu Inmates, This Is It from YouTube. HaHa. I'm serious with this topic, and I'm joining again.. Yehey.. Thanks Niko for this meme, I mean thanks for ending the firsts.. LOL.

So, how would I start, or shall I end it here? haha.. Honest, I feel like in my early twenty's today.. but at least for a day, I feel like one. My first boyfriend starts with letter R, as in Ryan.. I mean G.. as in Gosling. are you confused? well, I am confused too. hahaha.. oops, (duh) I have a bad connection. I have a hard time publishing and editing this, it seems like a lifetime for me, and if you see this in my page, then this is such a lucky post!! Anyway, will bloghop on all Girls Talk Entry. I so love this meme, I just can't post a juicy one but I love and enjoy reading all GT entries.

More juicy post here. My apology for this post. I just don't want to miss this meme.


the donG said...

hahaha... talagang letters lang.

the donG said...

hahaha... talagang letters lang.

Mom of Four said...

Ganon? tinipid ang details, ahahahha! I wasn't able to join this whole month's Meme, kasi ang hirap mag explain ke hubby. seloso pa naman, kala mo naman miss universe ang wifey nya, ahahaha!

f e R r y j H o i said...


nothing much to share but still joining basta lang walang ma miss na moment!!! hehehe

Reena said... if combined, si Ryan Gossling? lol.

safe ka naman ha. sige, tama yan. hehe