Friday, January 8, 2010

Mommy MOments: New Years list

Happy anniversary to Mommy Moments!

Thanks Mommy Chris for the opportunity of meeting other mommies through this meme. Here are my new years list. Cheers for a more productive 2010 for all of us.

  • Vacation this summer. Ah yes, my children really want to spend a week vacation in Batangas.
  • Summer activities for my children, swimming for my younger daughter.
  • Guitar lesson for my eldest. She's been asking me to enroll in this field and is looking forward for guitar lesson this summer. Her bestfriend loves music and is a young violinist and that influenced her to study guitar lesson (not to mention her late grandfa*my father*, and my brother are good in playing guitar too.) I think this is also best for her to stop her addiction to facebook and lessen her time online.
  • Hubby to come home soon, so a more quality bonding time for my children with their dad.
  • Teach them to save money for the future.
  • Summer reading books for them.
  • My older daughter loves photography and so that includes not only my wish but our wish, to pursue photography.
  • Healthy diet for all of us, promise!

mommy moments


Jac said...

Good luck in your goals mommy!!Happy new year to you and your family God bless!!

Gin E said...

Looks like lots of fun for your kids this summer.

Good luck and happy new year!

judys424 said...

Can't wait for summer to start! Im sure your kids are excited :) Happy MM!

Eds said...

goodluck in your goals nuts. wish you all the best this 2010.

by the way, thanks for adding me in your blog list.

Princess Sarah said...

that's true, teaching to save is very important, blessings to your goals Nuts.

I will ad your blog too. Blessings!

Jona said...

looking forward for summer fun too for my kids :D

thanks for the visit and the comments!

shydub said...

Sama ako sa vacay sa batangas sis at sali din ako sa guitar lesson, gusto yata list mo dito hehehe.

Man and Food said...

good luck...

Evan's Mom said...

Good luck with your list! It's good that your daughter shows interests on guitar lesson, it's certainly much rewarding than FB.

Chris said...

Yeah... I agree with letting your kids enroll in classes so to cut down on being in front of the computer :)

May God bless you as you reach your goals this year!

thanks for joining us again!

Hazel said...

saving money for the future is quite a good practice.