Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy Moments: New Favorite

mommy moments

Our theme for Mommy Moments this week is New Favorites. This is not only her new favorite but her all time favorite as well.

Obviously, my little daughter's new favorite is pancake.
She even knew to cook pancake for herself.
But of course, I always told her to ask me if she wants it.

and her favorite hotcake syrup..

and look how she ate three layers in one sitting...
while my older daughter wants hamburger. Having this snack is accessible for her inside the campus and so I told her if she keeps eating this for her everyday snack, she will get bigger and bigger in no time.
And here are some of her new favorites in music: Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, Keisha and Wonder Girls. She used to read Disney Fairy Tales before but now she loves reading Twilight Book.

And this is what she's doing lately. She keeps editing her photo and there's more in my archive.

Thanks Mommy Chris for this meme. Happy Mommy Moments!


Tetcha said...

Hotcake is a yummy fave, although I have yet to let my son have pancake. Hmm, that gives me an idea. Digiscrapping, is that what it's called; that's a good hobby and a nice favorite, too. Thanks for visiting. I hope we can exchange links, too.

levy said...

She can be a Pillsburry and Maya Commercial Model. Good thing she likes eating pancakes I think it's better than eating junk food.

Happy Weekend dear! thanks for visiting my blog. Keep in touch!

judys424 said...

Great job with the picture scrapbook.. I'm really awed when kids do this..:) My son and I love the Pillsbury syrup too :)

Hazel said...

Pancake is perfect for breakfast. I always have that when I'm on holiday :) Your girl is pretty.

acmumcee said...

Aww!!! How I miss Maya Pancake.. It's not available in where we are, but nothing can stop us from having them, so I make it from scratch.. hehe..
And oh, you've got a teener already.. I can't imagine my Alyssa whe she reach that age. I'll surely be needing words of advice from moms like you.. =)

Cecile said...

my son loves pancake, too!

wow, she is reading twilight book now...very impressive :-); ako ngayon pa lang nag start reading it eh...

darly said...

pareho pala kami ng bebe mo, twilight addict- hehe

My entry is up too, hope you'd check it out.

Happy MM and have a great weekend!

Eds said...

wow! dalaga na pala anak mo nuts. hehehe. fave ko din yan pancake na yan. *yum*yum*

happy weekend to you!

Chris said...

pancake is a favorite here too!

your daughter has a talent in scrapping :D

happy mommy moments!

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chubskulit said...

Sarap na sarap sya dyan oh hehehe.. I love the photo when she bites hehehe.