Saturday, January 2, 2010

I was sick the day before and on the first day of 2010 and hope it does not serve as a signal of anything other than losing weight for the whole year. Since we dare not light some firecrackers and we opted not to spend money for it, we just contented ourselves watching and enjoying brilliant fireworks outside. Let me just check one of my goal this year, to be more practical. Checked!

This was the scene in the house few minutes before we welcome New Year. Every time there's a loud popping noise outside, Magic would run away hiding himself under the bed or in any corner of the house. Magic was so scared and my little one can't help but hug and give him some comfort. But later on that evening, Magic was calmed down and by 12:30, he was able to walk around and see some fireworks display too.

Long holidays will be over soon. I only have one whole day tomorrow and also my kids to relax and get ready for next day school again and I will be back in my daily routine.


Redlan said...

Sinaniban ko ata si Magic. lol. Or kalahi ko siya? Pero tao ako hindi ako aso. Yung aso namin, hindi takot. Mas okay pa keysa akin. More blessings to come, dollar earner ka na ulit not to mention.

Seiko said...

Wawa naman si Magic pero buti naman ni comfort sya ng dalaga mo... anyway i hope you feel better soon and God Bless! ::D

Happy New Year again!!

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there po!

Nakakainis pasukan nanaman sa Monday. College student na ako so mas demanding talaga and mas stressing!

Grabe, yung mga aso rin dito sa Apartment namin ang tatahimik. I remember meron akong aso dati tapos nung nagpuputukan na sa labas, nagtago behind the toilet LOL. Kawawa naman!

Mahirap nang magpaputok, nakakatakot mawalan ng body part. LOL. Nakakatakot rin lumabas dahil sa mga ligaw na bala.

Much Love,