Sunday, January 17, 2010

I couldn't sleep!

I couldn't sleep! It's 5am in the morning, rather than lying down awake, I jumped out from bed and searched for something to do. I don't feel good right now but I'll take this moment to update my blog without interruption since my children are still sleeping. Just an hour ago, I felt slightly shaken. I got nervous and woke my eldest daughter up and told her to sleep beside her younger sister the fear that there might be some trembling again. Now, I'm wondering if earthquake has really happened a while ago or was it only myself feeling dizzy because I did not get enough sleep last night.

Anyways, I can do one task on my to-do-list today. A friend who is getting married very soon asked some help from me. Although almost everything is ready for her wedding, she's still ironing out small details for that big day. Other guest and relatives will be arriving next week. She already arranged hotel and car services but then she asked me to check and compare car rental to be able to save even a little amount of money where she can use for other expenses instead. All is set for the most important day in her life and she's really excited. I believed so, it's been a year-long engagement and I think it's already time for both of them to start their life together.

It's past 5am already. I'll be back in bed in few minutes. I don't know how to address my greetings now, good morning or goodnight folks. Either way, have a happy Sunday everyone!

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