Thursday, January 14, 2010

Girls Talk: Big Bang

Oh no, am I qualified to join this meme? I am too old to refresh the firsts in my life and so give me few more hours to finish this post. Haha. I am now experiencing memory gap. From what I remembered, the guy was shaking nervously and it was in Big Bang sa Alabang. Maybe the real reason why he was shaking is, he was afraid to take horror ride. Haha. Let me take my memo plus gold first to let me recall and reveal what really happened. I'm not ready yet to open my book but I salute you all girls for being so brave and so bold sharing your firsts. I really want too, but somebody is stalking me and I'm afraid, being famous in my past would only create controversies in my life now. And I am seriously joking here. Haha. I hope you consider this post as my GT entry. Love this meme, feels like I'm signing in to slumbook and autograph again :D mwaah Niko!
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Reena said...

hahaha. memorable pala nag big bang sayo. Lol. siguro pumasok kayo sa house of mirrors nun. hehe. i had fun reading this. i just finished mine too.

admin said...

hello, thanks for reading my first entry. i actually had a second thought kung i po-post ko yun, di pa nga ata nabasa ni bf pero kung mangyari man, i'm sure he would understand. he's such a very understanding person and i salute him for that, :D

kha said...

hi po..tnx for reading my post...hahaha nakakatuwa at celebrity k pwede kn mg advertise ng memo plus..nice punch line..hehehe..

nikogirl said...

memo plus gold tlaga!! you made me laugh, sobra ka!!

seriously i haven't heard about big bang sa alabang, soriiiii... refresh mo ko bka niamnesia lang aketch :D

pero katuwa naman si first date takot sa horror ride, lol. hahah. and just like me you are soooo safe :D APIR!!! hahaaha

thanks for joining girl! i shall see you again.. oi be brave hahhaha :)

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pehpot said...

omg nuts! I knew big bag alabang and we where like 6 or 7 when it was still up.. and you're already dating then? LOL

I remember that place because it has this huge slide and I so wanted to try it and merong horror house which was built beautifully.