Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezing Weather

The weather seems to be very warm today. In some part of the world, the weather is freezing and getting colder and colder everyday. Some are snowing hard and the thick snow just signals for a more chilling weather to come. Oh, I just wish to spend one white Christmas in that place too but I can't afford to have a vacation in country with extreme cold weather now, ah yes, maybe in my dream. I wished for myself a grand a vacation in Italy, touring around Venice, Florence and Rome but it's so frustrating for me to know that it won't happen even in my wildest dream. Although there's a vacation spot in Northern part of Manila, where you can feel extreme weather, it isn't as cold like in those vacation spots in Europe. There's no snow but you can feel the freezing morning in that mountainous place. Vegetables and fruits during this time of the year are usually harvested earlier to avoid the frostbite. In places like this, you need a fireplace to get away with the coldness and keep your body warm. It is even better to watch with family in one entertainment room with fireplace tv stand With that, you'll feel a little warmer with family around.

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