Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eyeglasses For Us

Having a poor eyesight is a genetic and that's what I believed so. Not everyone is blessed with perfect vision. I've been very strict to my children when it comes to watching tv. I always remind them not to watch too close to avoid their eyes from stress. Despite my effort, they still suffer from poor vision. Husband wears eyeglasses since grade school and my two children inherited that from their dad. My younger daughter started wearing eyeglasses since pre school years and my eldest when she was in fifth grade. So, eyeglasses definitely is included in our budget. Sometimes when we go to shop to check eyeglasses, we oftentimes find the price too high or if we purchase the low price, the quality of eyeglasses suffer. Most optical shop spend much money for advertising and the result is a much higher price of the product when sold in the market.

Could you imagine my teenage daughter already wears 200/175 grade. And you know kids, they really need a durable one or else you'll end up buying a new one after few days or using it.
Since all of us use eyeglasses, it is important to look for best eyewear in town. I think eyeglasses is needed not for only for fashion purposes but most importantly for correcting health condition of our eyes. For me, eyeglasses need to be durable, safety to use yet fashionable too. And that's possible. Husband asked me to purchase in one bulk order of eyeglasses. And that's for all of us. That's how amazed he was for what I just discovered, affordable price of eyeglasses and not suffering the quality at all.

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