Tuesday, January 5, 2010

duplicate file finder

How many times have you encountered about this pop up message saying that your computer needs to free some space and you don't know what program to remove, delete or uninstall? This week I blog about the problem that I have encountered with my computer. Aside from this pop-up, there's an error in my registry and installation of Microsoft. I can't install and correct this error because of very small space left in my computer. It irritates me because it pop up oftentimes. Updating and restoring my computer is not even working because of this space problem and cleaning disk is not enough to fix it. There are large unnecessary hidden files that are not needed in my computer and that takes my loading so super slow. I sometimes resort to my control panel and check what program to remove, ending to uninstalling necessary program and a lot more error for me. I really don't know why this duplicate file keeps on blowing in my computer that turned my space into zero. Now, I discovered the solution to this problem using duplicate find finder. I'm quite sure now what to do to fix this problem.

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