Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Designing Interiors

My neighbor and also my best buddy is planning to settle down this year. We've been together for almost a decade now and she always consider my advise when it comes to business or even personal things in her life. Her fiance is an employee of one industrial company. They have been engaged for a couple of months now. They already settled everything for their future and have invested money for their own house situated in southern part of Manila. The house is not fully furnished but there are some furnitures like cabinets and dining table given to them as a gift by original owner who happens to be a distant relative. The house is very spacious and newly painted but still needs a little renovation. She hired an interior designer for their nest although she too is an expert when it comes to home redesigning or improvement. Some of her home furnitures and beddings were imported and some were acquired during her travel abroad. Other linens were locally purchased like her very expensive curtain. She said that metal wall hooks is just perfect for her curtains to look more elegant. I will definitely miss her but then I hold on to her promise that she'll drop by my house whenever she's near to my place.

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Laikka said...

thats so kind of you as a friend dearie;) keep up the good work!