Tuesday, January 5, 2010

car enthusiast friend

I bumped with my former officemate few days ago while she was in a rush for Christmas shopping. We never had a chance to talk longer because it was already late and time did not permit us to do so. This morning I was delighted when she called me home. I thought she's calling nearby and still in Manila but I was surprised when she said that she's in Thailand for a week vacation. Through phone, we were able to talk about her plan this year. She's a car enthusiast and drives her own car. She is planning to purchase a new car and asked me to find phoenix auto dealers for her.

I am now browsing auto dealers and asking some of our friends who also knew about this. I know very few girls are car enthusiast. And it's a no suprise for me why she remains single this time and is falling in love with car instead. She never dreamed of being a wife or having children right now. She spends most of her time with her car and also involve with motors or even classic cars. Accesorizing it is a lot of fun for her. She's happy and enjoying her life that way.

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