Wednesday, January 6, 2010

boost your confidence

I haven't visited salon or spa lately. I must admit it has been my addiction before visiting salon to fix my hair or do some spas. Before 2009 year ended, I had myself pampered with hot oil for my hair and buff spa for my nails too. It was only again the time that I felt so relaxed. I welcomed new year with a little confidence in myself. It was originally a date with my daughter since she really wanted her hair short but she changed her mind. And how much did I spend? It's just a little below 500 pesos or just about less than $10. Not bad though. One thing I noticed in that salon is their logo. One staff handed me a brochure for their upcoming promotional event. While having a little talk with the staff who attended me, I suggested a professional logo design that will help build a positive impression for their business. The staff just smiled back and I think she knew that the said logo is really needed. Spending a little amount for the logo will surely make a mark in their business just like what I felt when I had myself a little make over but the confident I gained is too big to compare for the money that I spent in that salon.

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