Friday, January 29, 2010

Article Directory

I was thinking of buying my own domain last week but the thought of losing my Page Rank stopped me from doing so. I am now planning of creating a new blog site instead about family daily activities. I'm still contemplating right now because I know that it will take much of my time already maintaining another blog. If I finally decide creating one, I think I will need a very nice DSLR as my tool and also interesting topic to blog. My first step is to double my time updating and blog hopping. Upon browsing the net today, I found one interesting website that will help me build traffic and also one can submit her interesting topic in Article Alley Article Directory. The website has over 90,00 active authors and half a million of articles. Out of that number, 97% are free to republish. I found it as great way to promote one's site, whether you're a blogger or you want your business spread on the net.

This website also help me gather useful facts when I did a little research today about environment. I was really impressed with the website, it gave me a lot of details for reference too. Very interesting topics can be found in Article Alley. If you're a blogger and needs an article, you can have the article republished too. Likewise, you can submit your article that will showcase your great ability to write and that's for free and if the reader find your topic interesting, the tendency of the reader is to follow the link, visit your site and that's an instant traffic too.

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