Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Allergic to Insects

I am allergic to any kind of insects. I often check our cabinets to see if there's any insect hiding inside. When we were in our old house, I get irritated when I see small creatures crawling and that makes me wonder where these creatures came from when in fact I already have cleaned every corner of the house. Then I wonder, what if there's still some insects that are not visible and yet populated like these colony of termites?

I remember during our vacation last year in my sister's house. My sister told me about what she discovered. One portion of the house was infested by termites. She was shocked and put some chemical liquid around the house. But then she later found out that more termites were hiding. She asked me solution about this problem and she was so troubled that day. So I immediately checked on the website about finding a way to kill drywood termites and then I told her to act fast before the house collapse.

When we came back home, I became paranoid too. I checked every corner of the house especially the wall that is made of wood. I can't bear to think that termites are hiding in the cracks and starting to damage our house too.


wenn said...

termites are scary lot.

Rossel said...

mas mahirap patayin ang termites kesa ibang insects, kailangan ng exterminator.