Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Citar

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Tabitha @ FreshMommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

"There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it." - Minnie Aumonier

Yummy Sunday

Hurrah! my 11th entry for Yummy Sunday.

Indulge yourself! Here's Brazo de Mercedez from Goldilocks!

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Happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Web Hosting

My blog just turned one last January 6 this year. I planned of buying my own domain even before my blog anniversary but choosing the best web host seemed to be so complicated for me. This year, aside from having my own domain, one of my goal is to open a new website and maintain my present page rank. Some experienced bloggers advised me to check different web hosting site and then compare the different prices and services too. And that took me more time comparing and searching for best web host. When I asked a friend about this domain thing, she recommended me one site and I did a little research of my own. I carefully examined the offer as I don't want to end up bitter spending my hard earned dollar for nothing. Sometimes I consider a web host provider that offers a lower price but it scares me the thought that low price will only lead me to poor quality service. Wasting money and time are just common problems to most of the bloggers when they purchased unreliable web host. And because of that, I became very careful in choosing the web host for my site.

When one blogger suggested to open this cheap web hosting, I searched on the internet and luckily found a lot of option to choose. I compare the price and selection becomes easier for me. The web hosting providers are ranked accordingly. Features, hosting review and bonus features are easier to understand. All that I need is choose what exactly suits my website. Selection process takes no time for me anymore. Check it now for yourself. I believe this is essential to be successful online.

"Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."
-Nathaniel Hawthorne-

Support Our Navy Seals Tshirt

Valentine month is nearing once again. Different shop already set up their store for Valentine's theme. Valentine's means heart. But it does not only mean for lovers, but for everyone, friends and family. Have you received any gift last Valentine's Day. I clearly remember my Valentines last year. We spent that day with special children. It was a very memorable day for me. I did not receive anything except that, that day marked something in my heart.

Only two more days left for January. February 14 is past approaching and I'm thinking about giving a Valentine present, not flowers nor cake or anything sweet for Valentine's Day. Would it be sweet if I buy Support Our Navy SEALs Tshirt as a gift? The original price is 29.99 and they're now offering discounted price of $20. $10 from this shirt will go to Warrior Defense Fund to support the three accused Navy Seals. So purchasing means your doing it for a good cause and I think that's sweeter for me! Tshirts here are 100% cotton and in high quality fabric too. I go for a comfortable outfit for my everyday get-up. Flip flops, shirt and jeans for me is my view of a perfect outfit. I easily get tired with high heeled shoes, besides, I only consider an outfit that gives me enough comfort to move. This shirt is also perfect for me. I'll buy one as a gift for myself too.

I Need Security?

I'm in the mood for quizzes. Here's sharing again the result.

You Need Security

To be happy in life, you need to feel as secure and grounded as possible.
You have to know that things will be okay no matter what. You plan for the worst.

You tend to be cautious, and you always think of the long term consequences before you act.
Living a low-key, responsible life is the only way to ensure that you can truly relax.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Article Directory

I was thinking of buying my own domain last week but the thought of losing my Page Rank stopped me from doing so. I am now planning of creating a new blog site instead about family daily activities. I'm still contemplating right now because I know that it will take much of my time already maintaining another blog. If I finally decide creating one, I think I will need a very nice DSLR as my tool and also interesting topic to blog. My first step is to double my time updating and blog hopping. Upon browsing the net today, I found one interesting website that will help me build traffic and also one can submit her interesting topic in Article Alley Article Directory. The website has over 90,00 active authors and half a million of articles. Out of that number, 97% are free to republish. I found it as great way to promote one's site, whether you're a blogger or you want your business spread on the net.

This website also help me gather useful facts when I did a little research today about environment. I was really impressed with the website, it gave me a lot of details for reference too. Very interesting topics can be found in Article Alley. If you're a blogger and needs an article, you can have the article republished too. Likewise, you can submit your article that will showcase your great ability to write and that's for free and if the reader find your topic interesting, the tendency of the reader is to follow the link, visit your site and that's an instant traffic too.

Mommy Moments: Welcoming New Sibling

Theme for the week for Mommy Moment is Welcoming New Sibling.

My eldest daughter was two years old when I got pregnant to my second baby. My older daughter was aware of having a new baby sister. And as soon as we got home after giving birth to new baby, I gave her more attention because I knew she'll be a little jealous with new sibling. But then, she was more excited with her role as a big sister.

Welcoming a sibling is definitely as excited as first born. I say even more excited, because a new sibling means a new addition and a new blessings to family.

Please bear with the quality of my photograph here. :)

mommy moments

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Save Mother Earth, Go Green Police!

Have you felt at times that the world is not safe to live anymore? How do you feel about the environment? Today, living in this world seems to very unpleasant and what about the next generation, will they ever see the beauty of mother earth in the future?

Are you aware about extreme weather condition that we experienced last year? The country was totally devastated by numerous flash flood. Waist-deep flood even brought many casualties and destroyed many properties. It was nature's way of reminding us how we treated the environment. And what cause this to happen? Waste are not properly disposed and we treated the environment so badly.

The town just seems to be overly polluted and need attention for this serious matter. In metropolitan cities in US, Green Police were formed to let the people know how to take care of environment. Simple waste management were being taught by Green Police. They also encourage people about recycling or not littering, and that already makes a big difference. They even stop people urinating somewhere else. In Glastonbury Festival, festival goers will learn about the issues on environment like respect for the earth since Green Police have their own funky way to spread the important information about saving our mother earth.

You can be one of them too. They are actually environmental task force with funny and funky way of approaching people. You can check Green Police application and help save the earth. I hope people will be more aware now. Save Mother Earth, Go Green Police!

Just Lazy

I'm feeling a little bored today. My mood just led me to answer the hangover quiz and here's the result.

You Are Sleep

You tend to solve your problems simply. And when you're tired, grouchy, and headache-y, it only makes sense to take a nap.

Not only will sleep cure your hangover, it's also likely to cure anything that ails you ever.

Whenever life gets difficult, you retreat and refuel. And nothing renews you like a little nap time.

Your troubles may not go away forever while you're asleep, but at least they are gone for the moment.

Rodeo Show

I haven't been to Rodeo show but it always excites me to watch Rodeo even on TV or movie. What more in real event with this total entertainment package, a Rodeo show, a concert of top performing artists with free food and drinks?

The biggest Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show known also as Rodeo Houston happens every March and that's only few more days to go before the event. A concert is held after the Rodeo Show where stage is moved to the center of the ring so that everyone will get the chance to see the artist performing on stage. I say concert because right after the Rodeo, hottest name in music industry performs after the event.

It is not a surprise to me anymore why husband is rushing to buy tickets.   He is big fan of Rodeo and also country music like Alan Jackson. I suggest to buy the 8th row action seats located at both sides of rodeo ring. And that's for the price of $194 for two already that includes food and drinks. Well I think the price for the ticket is reasonable enough. I've requested husband if possible for us to watch Rodeo event that features Miley Cyrus for the concert. Not my generation though, but my children love her and so I love her songs too. Now, it is not only the Rodeo events that excites me, a concert just added the fun. Previous years performers were artist like Beyonce, Faith Hill, Bon Jovi and Tim McGraw. I hope this will happen soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

my first boyfriend! this is it!

This post is from my guest blogger, a nutsy mom.. (wink) to protect the privacy of the author. haha.
This is really is it! I just can't get over with Dancing Cebu Inmates, This Is It from YouTube. HaHa. I'm serious with this topic, and I'm joining again.. Yehey.. Thanks Niko for this meme, I mean thanks for ending the firsts.. LOL.

So, how would I start, or shall I end it here? haha.. Honest, I feel like in my early twenty's today.. but at least for a day, I feel like one. My first boyfriend starts with letter R, as in Ryan.. I mean G.. as in Gosling. are you confused? well, I am confused too. hahaha.. oops, (duh) I have a bad connection. I have a hard time publishing and editing this, it seems like a lifetime for me, and if you see this in my page, then this is such a lucky post!! Anyway, will bloghop on all Girls Talk Entry. I so love this meme, I just can't post a juicy one but I love and enjoy reading all GT entries.

More juicy post here. My apology for this post. I just don't want to miss this meme.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Allergic to Insects

I am allergic to any kind of insects. I often check our cabinets to see if there's any insect hiding inside. When we were in our old house, I get irritated when I see small creatures crawling and that makes me wonder where these creatures came from when in fact I already have cleaned every corner of the house. Then I wonder, what if there's still some insects that are not visible and yet populated like these colony of termites?

I remember during our vacation last year in my sister's house. My sister told me about what she discovered. One portion of the house was infested by termites. She was shocked and put some chemical liquid around the house. But then she later found out that more termites were hiding. She asked me solution about this problem and she was so troubled that day. So I immediately checked on the website about finding a way to kill drywood termites and then I told her to act fast before the house collapse.

When we came back home, I became paranoid too. I checked every corner of the house especially the wall that is made of wood. I can't bear to think that termites are hiding in the cracks and starting to damage our house too.

Watery Wednesday

My 7th entry for Watery Wednesday

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Edited: To answer comments on what is this thing in the head of one duck here. I don't know either. One thing I'm sure of, the other duck is envy with this crowning glory.

Eyeglasses For Us

Having a poor eyesight is a genetic and that's what I believed so. Not everyone is blessed with perfect vision. I've been very strict to my children when it comes to watching tv. I always remind them not to watch too close to avoid their eyes from stress. Despite my effort, they still suffer from poor vision. Husband wears eyeglasses since grade school and my two children inherited that from their dad. My younger daughter started wearing eyeglasses since pre school years and my eldest when she was in fifth grade. So, eyeglasses definitely is included in our budget. Sometimes when we go to shop to check eyeglasses, we oftentimes find the price too high or if we purchase the low price, the quality of eyeglasses suffer. Most optical shop spend much money for advertising and the result is a much higher price of the product when sold in the market.

Could you imagine my teenage daughter already wears 200/175 grade. And you know kids, they really need a durable one or else you'll end up buying a new one after few days or using it.
Since all of us use eyeglasses, it is important to look for best eyewear in town. I think eyeglasses is needed not for only for fashion purposes but most importantly for correcting health condition of our eyes. For me, eyeglasses need to be durable, safety to use yet fashionable too. And that's possible. Husband asked me to purchase in one bulk order of eyeglasses. And that's for all of us. That's how amazed he was for what I just discovered, affordable price of eyeglasses and not suffering the quality at all.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Travis Payne with Cebu Dancing Inmates

Yes! It's Travis Payne who choreographed Cebu inmates for This Is It performance and now making hits on Youtube. A must video to watch!!

Tuesday Couch Potatoes

This week theme for TCP is order in the court!! My entry is My Cousin Vinny.
I seldom watch movie with any courtroom scene, but when I saw this movie with a touch of comedy, I became interested and watched the film. I also love Marissa Tomei whom I admired most in her movie "Only You" with co-stars Robert Downey Jr.

My Cousin Vinny is 1992 film starring Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, Marissa Tomei and featuring Fred Gwyne. Tthe story is about two young New Yorkers who were put on trial they did not commit. Tomei won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in this movie.

Thanks Kikamz for this wonderful meme. I am excited for TCP next week. I am so in love with Ryan Gosling right now and will feature him for love story theme next week.

The 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits

The 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits is now extended and in fact expanded and that's until April 30 of 2010. Rent or buy your own house? Buying a house is sure a good investment. So, invest now, harvest later. This is a real good benefit for one US citizen who may have likely to enjoy.

If you are a first time buyer, you can obtain as much as $8,000 tax credits. You are qualified to avail this if you don't own a house for the last three years. And if you're already a homeowner and have lived for 5 years in the past 8 years consecutively, then you are also entitled for $6,500 Tax Credit.

You may never know if there will be any extension, so it is a must to act now before April 30, 2010. The contract will be closed on June 30,2010 and there may be no extension for this, so better to act now or regret for not grabbing the opportunity of extended tax credits.

If you are single and earning $125,000, or married couples with $225,000 and with additional $20,000 phase out of the credit for both, then you are qualified.

The website also provide an additional chart for more informative facts. I have posted a video which I believed will give basic information about the homebuyer tax credits.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

"I wonder what is that plant over there," pointing out to miracle fruit..

oh holy, a miracle fruit?

Did you see the color yellow in this post? I hope you did.
More post with splash of yellow here.

The miracle fruit, or miracle berry plant (Synsepalum dulcificum), produces berries that, when eaten, cause sour foods (such as lemons and limes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet. The berry, which contains active polyphenols was first documented by explorer Chevalier des Marchais who searched for many different fruits during a 1725 excursion to its native West Africa. Marchais noticed that local tribes picked the berry from shrubs and chewed it before meals. The plant grows in bushes up to 20 feet (6.1 m) high in its native habitat, but does not usually grow higher than ten feet in cultivation, and it produces two crops per year, after the end of the rainy season. It is an evergreen plant that produces small red berries, with flowers that are white and which are produced for many months of the year. The seeds are about the size of coffee beans. Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Citar

Hurrah! Time is flying by so so fast! It's Sunday once again. Thanks toTabitha @ FreshMommy for creating this meme. Please visit her blog and see more of the quotes and photos today.

“When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing - just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park? -Ralph Marston-

Yummy Sunday

It is Sunday once again. Hurrah! and this will be my 10th entry. Sinigang na Maya-Maya.

I'm the only one fan of sinigang in the house. I seldom cook this because my girls find it hard to finish their meal with this viand. So whenever fish is available, fried or grilled is certainly their choice and only way to cook.

Please visit more Yummy Sunday at Perfectly Blended.
Happy weekend everyone!

I Blog, I Care Movement

Do your share! Please help spread for a good cause!

I Blog, I Care Movement

Show the world you care! Be a part of the "I Blog, I Care Movement." Here are the rules on how to join:

  1. Copy the "I Blog, I Care" badge and the rules (1 to 6) on this page.
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  5. For every fifteen (15) blogs joining the I Blog, I Care Movement, a $1.00 donation will be given to the International Committee of the Red Cross. You can also donate directly here:
  6. Spread the love and show you care.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ninoy - Cory Love Story on MMK

I just watched Part One of two episodes of Ninoy-Cory Love Story on MMK. Part two of the story will be aired next week. Piolo Pascual portrayed Ninoy and Bea Alonzo as Cory. I focused myself on TV tonight for this drama anthology. First, it's Piolo Pascual and my second reason is, I love Ninoy-Cory love story and how Ninoy fell in love with Tita Cory not once, but thrice.. Although I know a bit about them in the history, Im still curious on how will Piolo play the role of being Ninoy. Apparently, he perfectly portrayed and gave justice to the role. The first part ended when then President Marcos proclaimed Martial Law. Next episode will be aired next week with this teaser.. it was under martial law, Cory was crying while Ninoy was in the hospital.. and that I have to wait again for MMK next Saturday. It's not myself alone who's excited to watch but my children as well.

National Finals Rodeo

Husband loves city life. Although he often visits Las Vegas, his only reason of going back to the place is to relax together with family at least twice a year. Today, it's a different holiday and ticket that he wanted to buy in Las Vegas. Husband said because of his experience of watching rodeo before, it gave him a wonderful feeling that he will definitely remember for as long as he live. The adrenaline rush and the excitement makes him more excited again for the event. As early as today he already checked Nationals Final Rodeo Tickets for the biggest event on December. The Rodeo that he attended before was worth for the price of $100 because of the experience, and that gave me this drive to watch the actual event too. He said if I'm only with him in Las Vegas, he would purchase ticket for two. I would really like to feel the excitement of rodeo in the future and I think with this thrilling experience, the price for the ticket is not a big deal anymore. I hope husband will be able to get the ticket now.

I remember once riding in a rodeo but not the real one. It was actually a machine but that experience already gave me an electrifying feeling. Yeah, I failed at times, but I think it only need focus both mind and body. I hope to attend the Rodeo Finals and witness the real men riding in wild animals too.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy Moments: New Favorite

mommy moments

Our theme for Mommy Moments this week is New Favorites. This is not only her new favorite but her all time favorite as well.

Obviously, my little daughter's new favorite is pancake.
She even knew to cook pancake for herself.
But of course, I always told her to ask me if she wants it.

and her favorite hotcake syrup..

and look how she ate three layers in one sitting...
while my older daughter wants hamburger. Having this snack is accessible for her inside the campus and so I told her if she keeps eating this for her everyday snack, she will get bigger and bigger in no time.
And here are some of her new favorites in music: Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, Keisha and Wonder Girls. She used to read Disney Fairy Tales before but now she loves reading Twilight Book.

And this is what she's doing lately. She keeps editing her photo and there's more in my archive.

Thanks Mommy Chris for this meme. Happy Mommy Moments!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

mom in the kitchen

Staying up late does not mean waking up late but it means waking up early for a mom like me. So whatever time I sleep at night, I rise early the following morning to prepare my children to school. Being mom does not only mean checking how my children are performing in school, it does mean, everything. As much as I tried to be perfect, I always find it so hard to hit 100% grade for myself.
When it comes to food, I always make sure they're getting nutritious food in every meal that I prepare. I feel guilty whenever incomplete meal is served. This morning, I woke up late and that makes me feel guilty too. But then, even late this morning, I managed to prepare breakfast for them, sunny side up egg, bread and sliced ham. I have a sliced bread too and just re-heat it in the oven. I was glad that my toaster is still working although I have been using it for several years already.

Lately, I realized I love baking too. Although I have my old toaster, I'm planning to purchase a new toaster oven. I spend most of my time in the kitchen and it is the only place where I can fulfill my dream as a chef. One of my wish list last year is to take up Culinary Arts and yet until now I'm just a busy mom in the kitchen. My little girl loves baking too and she even helps me prepare when I'm busy cooking. Sigh. I think I need to pursue her dream, if not myself, to become a chef.

My First Kiss (hurrah!!)

I was... uh.. oh.. a late bloomer.. I don't remember it well. I was ah.. please make it clear Niko, you mean smack? I think I kissed him, it was in poster magazine as I was head over heels in love with Menudo, (80's boy band from Puerto Rico) Ricky Martin.. honest.. really.. I'm shy.. (blushing)..

Niko and the rest of GT team, you're all brave for this week's theme. I salute you all! But pardon me, should this meme came earlier, I could have at least remembered when that kiss happened. Also, first kiss is really something I would like to keep. Please consider this post again for GT, for the sake of my present life now. I am a silent wife! :) that, i borrowed the line..

More exciting moment right here.

I know my headline/title will catch the reader's eye and click on my page. I think this post will give me an instant hits.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watery Wednesday

My 6th entry for Watery Wednesday

I took this shot while we were inside UST Botanical Garden. Did you see the turtle or just the reflection of sunlight?

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tuesday couch potatoes

It's girl power for this week and my pick will be none other but Mulan! I have watched this movie several times. I remember many years back when I had a job interview. The interviewer asked me the last movie that I watched, probably wondering how vivid my memory is, and I told her it's Mulan. Then interviewer asked me to give the synopsis of that movie. Because my kids watched this film several times, I almost memorized lines from that movie and gave her the full summary. And so, it goes.. The young girl named Mulan fought for her nation. She disguised herself as a man to take the place of her father who is too old to be in the battle. Eddie Murphy played the small dragon named Mushu in the movie..

I also love the soundtrack of the film, "reflection." The singing voice of Mulan in the movie is my favorite Lea Salongga. I so love the song in the movie and one of my favorite part.

Look at me,
I will never pass for a perfect bride,
or a perfect daughter.
Can it be, I'm not meant to play this part.
Now I see,
That if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart

Who is that girl I see
Staring straight, back at me
Why is my reflection someone I don't know
Somehow I cannot hide, who I am
though I've tried.
When will my reflection show who I am inside.

When will my reflection show who I am inside.

*notice that it was Lea Salonga, not Christina Aguilera version as shown in the video..

the biggest contest in blogging history ever!

Look what's all over the blogworld today! It's Kaye and Pehpot's blogversary contest! And you know what, I almost did not make it to be one of the sponsor! Click the banner below and see how lucky I am to be one of sponsor of the biggest contest in the universe ever. I was the last in the list, and honestly, I begged Peh to please include me as I was too late to pledge for the sponsorship. Look now what I've got.. much exposure in blog universe. With that, I've won already! How lucky! And what's more surprising here, I can even join the contest and this will run from January 18 to Feb 28. Join now, just click the banner below to see the full details and win as much as $200 in the contest..

bayanihan still exists

While doing her egg mosaic painting today, my daughter asked me about bayanihan. "Mom, does Bayanihan still exists?

"Yes, it still exists! Bayanihan means bayan or town, a community. " I further explained, "Bayanihan originated in old tradition where people consisting of 20 or more, lift the entire house to move to another location." Then she asked, "How could these Bayanihan exists today when all the houses are now concrete?" So I explained more, "Bayanihan does not only mean lifting the house, this means cooperativism or helping voluntarily when the family is in need."

And as she continues her painting, she asked me again. "During typhoon Ondoy and the help keep pouring to victims, is that Bayanihan too?"

"Exactly, honey! During typhoon that devastated Manila, people from all walks of life came together to help, and that only proves that bayanihan do exist.

and so I continued, "usually after the people moved the house to new location, the family show their gratitude by preparing food for feast and they eat together in happy mood."

and my daughter replied, "Oh, I can't draw the people feasting after bayanihan. I think I need another illustration board for that."

Online Today

Updating my blog is usually done in the morning. Today is quite unusual for me, waking up early because of these things that I need to be done for the day. Checking hotel reservation for my friend took much of my time but still i consider this day as the most productive day for me too being able to update my blog at the same time. I am still working on with my new layout and I hope it will take effect very soon. I'm also thinking about buying my own domain but I'm still getting some knowledge to finally process it. I will announce my new domain when I have it! Anyway, I have accomplished almost everything on my to-do-list today. I've also finished my downloads. I have no problem anymore because there's this torrents search that I can use. I've got no idea before about this torrent file, but then thanks, everything just went easily this morning with torrents. I am still removing unnecessary program and files in my computer. I hope this will become more easier for me online.

Monday, January 18, 2010

mellow yellow monday


I took this shot last week while walking around the campus. Did you see the yellow? Gold and white are the official color of the university. Growling Tiger is the varsity team, Tigresses for womens and Tiger Cubs for high school team. The Yellow Jackets is the official pep squad and drumline. See the yellow spread all over the campus.

More Mellow Yellow Monday entries right here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yummy Sunday

This is my 9th entry for Yummy Sunday. I missed last week celebration here. Anyways, I'm on a strict diet and so what I will share here is something that will totally burn out your calories. Here is a young unriped sour green carabao mango (and that's how I described manggang hilaw!) . Take some, this is super duper sour and just perfect for my ginisang bagoong, (sauteed shrimp paste). Don't forget the sili! You can also try dipping this into soysauce with lots of sugar.

For more Yummy Sunday, please visit Perfectly Blended. Have a Happy Yummy Sunday!

I couldn't sleep!

I couldn't sleep! It's 5am in the morning, rather than lying down awake, I jumped out from bed and searched for something to do. I don't feel good right now but I'll take this moment to update my blog without interruption since my children are still sleeping. Just an hour ago, I felt slightly shaken. I got nervous and woke my eldest daughter up and told her to sleep beside her younger sister the fear that there might be some trembling again. Now, I'm wondering if earthquake has really happened a while ago or was it only myself feeling dizzy because I did not get enough sleep last night.

Anyways, I can do one task on my to-do-list today. A friend who is getting married very soon asked some help from me. Although almost everything is ready for her wedding, she's still ironing out small details for that big day. Other guest and relatives will be arriving next week. She already arranged hotel and car services but then she asked me to check and compare car rental to be able to save even a little amount of money where she can use for other expenses instead. All is set for the most important day in her life and she's really excited. I believed so, it's been a year-long engagement and I think it's already time for both of them to start their life together.

It's past 5am already. I'll be back in bed in few minutes. I don't know how to address my greetings now, good morning or goodnight folks. Either way, have a happy Sunday everyone!

Sunday Citar

It's Sunday again! Time for my favorite meme.
Thanks to Tabitha @ FreshMommy for creating this meme. Please visit her blog and see more of the quotes and photos today.

Childhood obesity is best tackled at home through improved parental involvement, increased physical exercise, better diet and restraint from eating.
-Bob Filner-