Sunday, December 13, 2009

whats up santa?

Take a look at my title. well, it has nothing with the post. I just want Santa's attention for my wish list.. :) and the answer is, a wish is just a wish.. :D

I was so dismayed yesterday but I didn't let my emotions totally spoiled my day. We went on shopping but not really a Christmas rush due to financial crisis. Cost cut! I already have lots of gifts to give, unwrapped. it's unconditional, it is love! :D

I just bought party dress for my little girl. She likes everything in blue, blue accessories, blue dress, blue shoes. She's a happy girl and not really blue. This picture was taken few minutes when we got home from the mall. She paired the dress with blue shoes and it fits her. She isn't that excited, huh! So this will be her outfit next week plus the accessories and blue ribbon for hair on the day of the party. :)


Seiko said...

Awww she's so pretty on her blue dress w/ blue shoes.Happy Holiday Mommy!:D

REDLAN said...

Send back some love na rin. Merry Christmas.

Jac said...

she is so pretty and I love her shoes pretty~pretty =)