Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TCP: A Merry Christmas Movie

Yay Christmas! And yes, Christmas too in my blog and my entry would be: Home Alone.
Home Alone is a movie about the adventure of Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin. It all started when Kevin McCallister's family flies to Paris for a Christmas vacation and Kevin was mistakenly left behind and instead head to New York and spend his Christmas alone. While he was enjoying his time, two intruders came into the house. The film was shown 19 years ago but I still remember the scenes on how Kevin outwitted the two intruders in the house. There's no dull scene and this film made me laugh a lot.

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Hazel said...

I loved this movie because of its charm and humour galore!

His Unfailing Love said...

My kids loved this movie too, it's fun, we all enjoyed watching this movie.

bambie said...

love this one! in fact, two sunday's ago, it was shown on cable TV and i watched it for the nth time. great choice!

Seiko said...

loved this movie...I have watched this movie w/ my kids and we all enjoyed the film a lot & Kevin's so cute & smart & so makulit hehe.