Friday, December 11, 2009

Smartbro Problem

I had been a subscriber of this network for almost a year from April 2008. After few weeks of getting the service, I already experienced slow or intermittent connection or sometimes no connection for a week or two. It happened several times that I had to call them everyday for technical problem and re-align my antennae over and over again. Because of one year lock-in period, I had no choice but to deal with slow connection over and over again.

February came, (and that's two months away before my contract ends) I called again the customer service because of bad connection. Technical people then conducted on- site visit after several days of numerous follow-up. Upon site visit, the technical support recommended disconnection of service since they can't find any solution to address the probblem anymore. They reasoned out that signal was blocked by the tower. So I immediately proceed to Smart office and filed a termination of contract. There I submitted my ID and filled up necessary form needed to end the contract. The CS told me that my case will be forwarded to the Main Office. And that I clearly remember. For what use do I need Smartbro when it has no connection at all?

Today, I received a demand letter from a law firm to settle a certain amount for a service I didn't even use. Why am I still billed for a connection that I never had? It just so hurting that the customer service never take a look on this side. Again I quote, it was their technical team who recommends disconnection of my internet. I never really post negative things about a certain product, but I'm fed up and my experience at the counter with sales staff was totally bad.


REDLAN said...

Gaya ng sabi ni Reena, ipatrol mo. Just text..... na yun

rossel said...

grabe talaga, pangit service nila. so far di na intermittent connection namin pero grabe naman sa bagal.

kapag nagpa-disconnect ka within lock-in period na walang dahilan magbabayad ka pa rin ng monthly bill. pero sa case mo na sila ang nagrecommend na magpadisconnect ka dahil walang signal, di ka na obligadong magbayad.

mabuti rin na nablog mo sila kase di ka nila papansinin sa tawag lang. hope maayos sana problem mo with smartbro.

happy new year! wishing you a fruitful 2010.