Friday, December 18, 2009


If I buy anything before Christmas, I call it a present for myself. I bought one magazine last week and so it's already a Christmas present for myself. I was planning of buying a DSLR few months ago but until now, I'm contemplating whether to buy it now or later next year or put it off till next season. So therefore it won't be a Christmas gift anymore. It costs too much for me right now and I can't afford yet the price.

While I got my present for myself already, my sister is planning to get a vehicle before the year ends. It is not a dream car but a vehicle to give comfort in going out of town trip or just shopping nearby malls. I told her the options in acquiring one by checking the websites or asking a friend with knowledge about cars. I pointed out things that she needs, like the Motor Trade Insurance and check the options and quotes on how much it would cost, whether for a new vehicle or used or second hand car.

What present are you planning to give for yourself? I think love is still the greatest gift of all this Christmas. Have a happy holidays everyone!

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