Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dream Car

I think everybody is fascinated with luxury car. I love browsing the web especially about car and browsing just gives me few knowledge about it. When I went to my friend's house few weeks ago, we've got to talk about the car. She told me about the possibility of of buying a new car. I recommended this site featuring new cars right away. She was surprised when she browsed the Chevrolet equinox pics, more so when she discovered the features. Both inside and outside features just came to life through images, even the interior and exterior dashboard highlights. In no time after browsing the site, she already knew the exact vehicle that she needed. Everything is in the site, comparison of prices, the best quotes from local dealer and full review of all vehicles.

The images just comes so close in larger size and that makes her more delighted. It was not only the images that caught her by surprise but the best quotes they offer. She was glad and grateful and is now considering Chevrolet Traverse. Seeing more of the features on a slide show makes her decision much easier. The slide show comes like a real one. I can't wait to see her driving her own car and I hope to have a joyride too.

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Me said...

hehehe love car too specially fast car my self got turbo when I press the gas the car just fly....hehehe!

no jeep for me not american car,
we do have our onwed products Volvo is our nieghbours still expensive though...hehehe

Car investment is loosing money...the more I drive it the more the value go down but I must have a car or can´t got anywahere..hehehe

Nice info..