Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bed Bugs Bites

I can't wait again for another long weekend. My kids are now excited for this coming holidays. We're planning again to spend our weekend before Christmas in my sister's house and it is just two hours away from Manila depending on the traffic situation. Most people are now rushing at the malls and stores are crowded with Christmas shoppers and so expect heavy traffic everywhere.

We oftentimes spend family get together when everyone is on vacation. For us, having family reunion is a great bonding time, even if it is not Christmas holidays. Two weeks ago, we went to one of the resorts in Laguna. We stayed their overnight. Since my daughters are very sensitive, I always make it a point to bring along all medicines with me. The resort where we stayed in was so relaxing. It was so cozy where you can feel like you were in your own room sleeping and waking up without this symptoms of bed bug bites. My kids enjoyed the hot spring. They missed their cousins very much and they're looking forward already on seeing them this weekend.

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Bacolod and Beyond said...

thanks for this info, and for sharing to us. Happy holidays!